Did you know that baby showers are one of the world's most exciting traditions? This celebration has dramatically influenced everyone to have one, which is why great preparation and planning is needed to make this happen. Now, if you want to host a baby shower to your friend or perhaps to your distant relative, then what you need is our Baby Shower Planner Templates! This template will surely help you in a lot of ways: it's editable, printable, and accessible on various file formats such as Microsoft Word and Apple Pages. It also comes with ready-made tables and aesthetically-pleasing designs so you'll be able to save most of your time. So, what are you waiting for? Achieve the baby shower you've always imagined by downloading these templates today!

What Is a Baby Shower Planner?

A baby shower planner is either a journal or a checklist made by the event organizers, and they use it as their guide for the upcoming celebration. Inside the planner, it is where you can see the party's target schedule, the timeline of the events, the budget, and other detailed plans. Without it, organizers will most likely forget certain information about the party and may result in failures.

How to Create a Baby Shower Planner

Now that you already know the importance of having a baby shower planner, its time for you to know the steps on how to make one. But did you ever wonder when the baby shower started? According to the Baby Shower Etiquette Guide by Debra Jo Immergut, baby showers, or sometimes called "gender reveal party" are a relatively recent phenomenon, which was growing in popularity during the 1940s and '50s. This kind of celebration is brimming with excitement and hopes; that is why an excellent plan is much needed. Now, if you're too excited about how to make one, then let's not make this any longer, and let's get you to step one.

1. Choose a Date and Time

It is essential to have your baby shower planned between four and six months before the due date. With this timeline, you'll still have plenty of time to buy items you need for the party. As early as now, grab your calendars and choose the date which is convenient for you and your guests.

2. Choose a Theme of your Party

If the mother is pregnant with a girl, then there are so many lists and options that you could choose from. You can go for a baby shower with a pink theme and let your design be drenched in pink as the color suggests femininity and dainty, and at the same time, the color pink is also a standard color that girls like. But if it's a baby boy, then you can choose a blue-color themed party for blue is the standard color for boys.

3. Name the People you Would Like to Invite

If you have enough budget to cater to hundreds of guests, then you can invite your friends, colleagues, and other family extensions to join you as you celebrate the most awaited baby shower. But if you want to make the celebration more intimate, then only invite the people who are close to your heart, especially to the life of the pregnant mother.

4. Design or Use our Template

Since you have everything you need—date, time, theme, and guests list, it's time for you to state everything into your final planner. But if you haven't made one yet, then you can refer to our top-quality simple planner templates above so that you can concentrate more on the areas of the celebration. All of them are easily downloadable for your convenience. Simply click the template that suits your needs and edit it on the different file formats we've listed.

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