Expecting the birth of a newborn child can be an exciting time for a mother and what better to make her feel welcomed to motherhood than hosting a baby shower in commemoration! One tricky part about planning a party is trying to put together a design for the invitation card, but that’s why we’ve put together a beautifully-designed library of Ready-made Baby Shower Invitation Templates to help you out! Each design is 100% customizable in 5x7 inches with bleed, making it suitable to print and mail as a letter; our templates also have CMYK colors with 300 DPI resolution and compatible to edit in a number of programs from several different brands. Download now and make your announcement in style!

How to Make Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Creating a design for your own invitational letter to the expecting mother’s party is quick and hassle-free with our baby-shower-themed templates and a variety of programs to edit them in! Plus, we have a simple guide down below to show you how to do just that.

1. Plenty of Tools to Pick From

There’s a lot of editing software to choose from that are compatible to edit our expansive set of baby shower templates in; which are published by Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft. They’re all suitable for the job, but every one of them has their own respective capabilities that set them apart from each other. If that’s the case, then which of these should you go for?

With Microsoft, you have Word and Publisher to work with, which gives you simple yet effective tools and accessories to get the job done. Either of them is a perfect choice if you’re looking to just add and edit some text/dialog for your simple invitation template.

Apple offers you the use of their Pages app, giving you a bit more creative freedom in editing. This is also a good fit if you would prefer working on a Mac or iOS device. Plus, there’s the built-in compatibility with Apple Pencil, which should give you a more intuitive way of interacting with the app.

Last but not least, you have the two choices of Photoshop and Illustrator released by Adobe. These are the most in-depth options for customizing your sample invitation template, which might seem a bit intimidating to use at first but feel free to go for either if you really wanna stretch your creative muscles!

So, any of the above software is up for the task. Your decision is gonna depend on how much you’re planning to alter your desired template, which is already going to come with a gorgeous pre-rendered graphic design on it anyway.

2. Choose from Our Adorable Templates

We have a good selection of cute and colorful invitation designs for you get your hands, from lovely flowers with pink petals to a funny little superhero costume. Whether your expecting gal pal is preparing for a boy, a girl, or even twin babies, each of our gorgeous templates is sure to fulfill your needs and melt the hearts of your invitees! You can even make thank-you cards to show your appreciation to your guests for attending.

3. Download the Chosen Design

Acquiring a template is simple enough. Click on a template’s thumbnail in our catalog page and it should open a new tab in your web browser. In the new browser tab, you can simply use the provided download link to save the template file to your computer. On that same page, you can also view preview images of the design to take a closer look at it and review the file’s details just below the download button.

4. Put Together Your Beautiful Invitation

Now you can make whatever changes you need in the editing program that you decided on earlier. Since your template already comes with professional art on it, all you really need to do to get it ready for distribution is to add the necessary details about the event; however, do make sure to use colors and styles for your font that match the design.

5. Save and You Can Start Mailing

Just remember to save your work after you’re through and your invitations are ready to print out and send. Give your friend a party to remember with our Ready-made Baby Shower Invitation Templates!

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