One of the happiest and most exciting things that a parent can experience in their life is the anticipation of their child’s birth, which is where baby showers come in. However, to successfully throw a baby shower, some planning is needed. Need some help? Download any of our professional Ready-Made Baby Shower Planner Templates to cut down on the hassle! These printable designs are 100% customizable and easily editable in Apple Pages, each available in A4 and US letter sizes. Download now to save time and quickly put together a party to celebrate the new baby boy or girl!

How to Make a Baby Shower Planner in Pages

Bringing in a new life into this world is a pretty big deal, to say the least. And, because of this, baby showers are held in commemoration to the new mom-to-be and her child. Although, despite now being a staple tradition in modern society, the practice really only gained traction as late as the 1950s (as stated by

Now, planning a baby shower takes a fair bit of work; there are things like invitations, food, gifts, and other aspects that need taking care of. So, as our way of relieving some of that burden, we’ve created a library of Ready-Made Baby Shower Planner Templates for you to download! By having a planner by your side, you can conveniently keep track of those party arrangements. And, with our easily editable samples, you can get your planner ready for use in no time!

To find out how you can prepare a planner (and more) using your Mac desktop and Apple Pages, just check out our simple set of tips found just below.

1. Choose a Planner Design That Works for You

It’s important to assemble a planner to ensure that all of the baby shower preparations go without a hitch and are done in time for the big day. With that being said, we have a wide selection of adorable baby shower planners for you to choose from; each one comes with differing illustrations, font styles, and utility contents. So, feel free to take your time in picking which planner template best fits your needs--or even if it’s just an aesthetic choice!

As a way of making it easier to find the template file later, choose/create a folder in your Mac computer (or iOS device) that’s quick to find and access.

2. Get Your Planner Ready in Apple Pages

Are you done deciding on which planner design to use? Great!

Next, fire up Apple Pages and start sprucing up your planner. Our templates are all made easy for anyone to customize, so you don’t have to worry about your own editing skills when making personal adjustments to the overall design.

Once you’re finished with the customizations, remember to save the changes you’ve made before printing it out. And, since Apple Pages is available on iOS, our planner templates are also suitable to bring around as digital copies to update using your mobile Apple device.

3. Other Things to Help with the Baby Shower

With your baby shower planner all sorted out, you should consider some other tools that can also help with the party.

Do you want to plan some activities for the event? Prepare an itinerary to help you keep track of them.

Wanna invite the guests over with a bit of class? Print out some gorgeous baby shower invitations instead of simply calling them up with your phone or sending them a digital message.

4. Ready to Set up the Baby Shower

With your planner (and other handy tools) to assist you, you’ll have all the steps done in arranging everything for the gathering. Make it a breeze to welcome and prepare a woman’s parenthood with our versatile baby shower templates!

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