How to Create a Birthday Flyer in Adobe InDesign

Birthdays are one of the most important days in one’s life and it is also a notable social gathering of friends and family to celebrate the person in question. The birthday party industry is also quite lucrative. According to Forbes, based on a poll, parents reported spending more than $500 on their child’s first birthday party.

InDesign is perfect for making flyers, along with posters, brochures, and greeting cards. So using this program, here are a few tips you may follow in order to get started with the coolest looking flyer you can make.

1. Consider the Guestlist

Customize the content of your flyer depending on the guests of your birthday party. If you’re making a flyer for a child’s birthday celebration then keep the invitation family-friendly. Likewise, if the event is going to take place in a club, then you may add fun graphics of alcoholic beverages and such on your birthday flyer design. It’s all about knowing and catering accordingly to your audience. Follow this and a happy birthday party is surely guaranteed.

2. List Out the Party Activities

To make your readers excited about the event, you may add in a program flow of the party. Be short and concise, because adding more details means putting in more text that’ll put off the reader. You may add what kind of games or activities you have in mind, the time they are planned, and even other relevant information that can be read with just a glance. Be sure that the text can be seen and read, without blending into the background of the flyer.

3. Decide on an Exciting Design

When picking the design, you can go with what the theme of this birthday party is. Adobe InDesign is ideal for creating flyers so this should be easy. For example, if this is a Sweet 16 you can incorporate a cute aesthetics, or if it’s a beach birthday bash, then use aquatic themes and such, just to make it feel more personalized. Doing this will fuel the guest’s excitement for the event and know what to expect.

4. Check Clashing Colors

When designing the flyer, be sure not to make the colors clash. You do not want to make a visually unappealing flyer as it wouldn’t grab the full attention of the reader if they glance at it. On that note make sure that the colors chosen for the background do not make it difficult for the text to be read. According to studies, color has a great effect on memory, so choose the colors of your event flyer wisely because it helps if your readers can easily recall the details of your birthday party plans.

5. The Time and Place to Party

In the same way in birthday invitations, you’ll have to inform your readers about the location of the event, and also what time it starts and ends. This way your guests can estimate how long the party is going to be. If there is still space on the flyer, you can go the extra mile and provide a mini-map so that guests can figure out the venue, instead of using more text for details.

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