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How To Create A Birth Certificate In InDesign

Pets are often treated as a family member by pet owners worldwide. In America alone, about 68% of households own pets, with cats owned numbering higher than man's best friend. Pets are well-fed and sheltered often joining their "humans" in their activities. Owners often have their pets registered in kennel clubs across the globe and often have birth certificates to match them. For a pet, a birth certificate is proof of their owner's ownership over them. It is also proof of their pedigree and ancestry just like birth certificates' proof of a child's identity. Pet Birth Certificates are often included upon registration of your pet in duly authorized registration bodies such as kennel clubs or the City Veterinarian's Office. Owners can also opt to create customized pet birth certificates and have them authenticated after. Below, We wrote down the tips on how to make a customized pet birth certificate in Adobe InDesign using Ready-Made Birth Certificate Templates.

1. Have your Pets Registered First

Before making a birth certificate for your pet, have them registered first in a duly authorized registering body such as a kennel club of you own a dog. Registration can be as convenient by filling out online registration forms or go old school by visiting your local kennel club. Registration can also be done by visiting your local City Veterinarian's Office.

2. Design Your Birth Certificate Using Adobe Indesign

Design your pet's birth certificate using Adobe InDesign. Adobe InDesign is a Premier Design Software that produces High-Quality Output with its user-friendly design and editing tools, and user-interface. This Design Software provides convenience in printing and sharing your output online. Adobe InDesign is also perfectly suited for creating other documents such as a Schedule Planner to remind you of your pet's next vaccination schedule.

3. Layout and Design

Your pet's birth certificate should be laid-out properly, so that text, graphics, images, and colors blend well together in its overall look. Design your birth certificate accordingly. Use related images, graphics, and colors. Allocate enough space for each element and make sure that each element doesn't overlap with each other. All of these should be put into consideration to make the certificate's information easily read without being distracted by its design.

4. Essential Details and Content

Like your kennel club membership certificates, your birth certificate should also contain all the necessary details and information. Its information should state the pet's name, the date it was born, the place where it's born, and the name of its parents or owners. Details should be clearly stated. Then, place a signature block for owners, kennel club president or the veterinarian to sign on. You can also provide a signature block for your beloved pet to put their paw prints on.

5. Print And Have It Signed

Print your newly finished Birth Certificate. Then, have it signed or sealed by duly authorized registering bodies such as a kennel club or your City Veterinarian's Office for authenticity. After doing so, you can either have your pet's authenticated birth certificate kept in your file drawer or have it hanged on the wall for show and tell.

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