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What Is a Birthday Invitation?

A birthday invitation is an announcement or message to friends and extended family for a birthday celebration. Kids' birthday celebrations are commonly themed; a Disney themed birthday party for young girls and a superhero-themed party for young boys. For adult birthday celebrations, celebrations and invitations are esteemed formal yet elegant.

Invitation cards consist of the celebrant's name, time and date of the party, address, contact information (for RSVP), and the attire to be worn. Although themes are evident in the invitation cards, there is still a need to inform the recipients for clarity purposes.

Among all the invited people, only 60% will show up at your event, and the majority of these are women. If you want more men to be present, send more invitations to them.

How to Create a Birthday Invitation?

A birthday invitation's layout is identical to the party's theme. For you to craft a creative birthday celebration, look through our organized list below.

1. Decide on Your Card Size

Your card size should not be too big nor too small. Standard dimensions for invitation cards are 5x7, 4 1/4x 5 1/2, and 4 1/2 x 6 1/8. However, if you have a preferred size, then you can go with that one. Just make sure it has a corresponding envelope size.

2. Use Templates

Designing, in general, is challenging and can consume a significant amount of time. For easy and convenient card-making, make use of birthday invitation templates that are available here at Template.net. Our models are tailored to fit your invitation needs. Plus, they're all editable.

3. Incorporate the Appropriate Theme

Give a hint of the party vibe by incorporating your theme into your invitation card. If you are planning on a carnival-themed birthday party, then add carnival-related articles into the card such as cotton candies, the Ferris wheel, magicians, etc.

4. Add Imagery

Imagery adds a personalized touch to your cards. Include a high-quality picture of your celebrant for your recipients to know who is celebrating the said birthday. For a high-quality photograph, you may use a photo-enhancing software such as Photoshop.

5. Don't Forget the Details

Statements such as "Jane Is Turning One!" is commonly present in birthday invitations. Along with the introductory greeting, do not forget to provide the time and place of the event, address, attire, and contact information (for RSVP). Make sure to proofread your card before printing. It will be tough for you to send a message individually to your recipients about the incomplete information.

6. Provide Decent Packaging

First impressions do make a difference. If you want to catch the attention of your recipients upon first glance, invest in decent yet unique packaging. Do not just rely on a standard envelope. You may opt for a handmade envelope adorned with ribbons, laser-cut envelopes, and the like. The packaging should motivate the recipient to know what is contained inside.

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