Often, people get disheartened by the thought of adding a number to their age. But without them knowing, it is a perfect moment to celebrate and be thankful for. So, if you are celebrating your birthday in two months, then now is the ideal time to plan. Part of that is sending off invitations stating the detail of your party. Since we understand that birthday planning tends to get stressful, we prepared the right resources you can use. Choose from our Ready-Made and Beautifully Designed Birthday Flyer Templates in Pages. These files are available in (US) 8.5x11, (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches + Bleed. Now, you don’t have to worry about informing your loved ones to come over and celebrate your birthday. Grab a template today!

How to Create a Birthday Flyer in Apple Pages

Birthday celebrations, aside from holidays, have always been a huge part of every family tradition to gather around. Your birthday is a perfect moment to flip through a year. It is a year of good news, downfall, and all the reminders in between. But even when you think that you are aging quickly in this fast-paced environment we are experiencing today, there are various reasons why a birthday celebration is essential. Don’t have plans yet? Invite your friends to come over. Even when most people find the burden to organize and plan. You can get things interesting and exciting. How do you do that? Simple, think of party invitations for your birthday bash! Kids and adults love receiving invites with a fancy or classy flyer in hand. Indeed, flyers are flexible. Not just to market business products, but even for personal purposes as well. To create a Birthday Flyer in Apple Pages, below are the steps you can follow through.

1. Plan for a Theme

Each people have a different liking, especially when it comes to designs for parties. It is typical for birthday celebrants to come up with a theme. It could either be an elegant, simple, or kiddie party. Whatever your choice is, you need to keep it fixed as soon as possible. Deciding with a theme will help you with your color, decorations, and invitation design consistency. Create a list of your choices. Then, breakdown what is doable for you. Unleash your creative drive. Do you want to see more blue color palette? Or, you want to keep it minimal with a black and white theme? Think properly.

2. Get a Template

Of course, you need your flyer invitations to be exciting. So, get things done by preparing a flyer template. You can do your research regarding birthday flyer ideas. Or, avoid stressing yourself too much. Download from one of our Ready-Made Birthday Flyer Templates. You can edit our templates using your Mac. Start opening your Apple Pages application. With a new document, find your ready-made template of choice from the User Templates folder. Then, select My Templates.

3. Write the Headlines

Now, start jotting down the headlines of your birthday party. Headlines are an essential part of your leaflets because it drives guests’ interest. This is the portion of your flyer where attendees can see important information. So, make it big and easy to read. Use What, Where, and When as a guide. Don’t forget to incorporate the appropriate labels. Or else, you will confuse your guests.

4. Input Basic Information

If you want to consider letting your guest know of the specifics, such as the attire, then create a note to your party flyer. Add what they need to prepare, if there is a need to. The font size for your additional messages should be smaller than the header. But, keep it as readable as possible. Use a font style with no curve edges. Edit the text that appears in your ready-made template. Drag the Text box to the bottom part of your layout. Start writing your message.

5. Unleash Your Creativity

Now, the exciting part starts. Don’t forget to make your flyer creative, attractive, and fun-looking. But if you want to keep a minimalistic and elegant flyer, then you may. Just put accents, such as gold or silver colors, shapes, or any designs that compliment your flyer. Use a background color that compliments your party. To keep your work manageable, think of your party theme. You can derive the palette that you will use from it.

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