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How to Make a Birthday Invitation Card in Photoshop

The celebration of birthdays dates back to Egyptian civilization. The Egyptians believe that pharaohs transformed into gods on the day of their coronation, and they believe that they are reborn. It was until that divine celebration that Egyptians commenced the celebration of birthdays. Early Christians did not practice the celebration of birthdays because they believed that it is related to paganism. Ancient Greeks affirmed that there is a spirit on each of the individual that kept watch on our birth.

Up until now, birthdays are still celebrated. And it is considered by many as one of the important dates to be remembered. They have said that friends and the members of the family gather around the birthday celebrant to avert evil spirits and to wish with good thoughts and desires. A birthday celebration is also an event of thanksgiving and sharing. Listed below are some helpful tips in crafting a birthday invitation card.

1. Know the Theme

The celebration of birthdays is every year. The theme is also changing annually. In making your invitation card, know the theme for this year’s celebration. Is it retro or denim? A princess-themed party for girls or a superhero-themed party for boys? Or a simple colored party? Knowing the theme makes your invitation card aligned for the celebration.

2. Specify the Necessary Information

Information is essential, especially when you create an invitation card. If you don’t want your guests to get lost, then put the venue for the birthday event. If you want your guests to be on time, then put the date and time of the celebration. Information like these enables your guests to be informed of the details for the said event, and so they will be guided accordingly. Important note: include RSVP and the contact number for the convenience of the guests to respond.

3. Customize your Card

Now that you have all the information, it is now time to create your card. Use the CYMK color scheme in printing to enhance the graphic quality of your card. Be sure to consider your guest’s taste and preference in designing your card. Choose an elegant background that is related to the motif of the event. But if you want a hassle-free process, you can use an editable invitation card template.

4. Incorporate Images

Visual representations convey a lot of meanings, like images and photos. In crafting your birthday invitation card, you can add clipart of the things that can be associated with birthday, like balloons, cakes, candles, and flags. To make your card more specific, you can add the celebrant’s image. These images make your invitation card more visually attractive.

5. Print and Share

After you have passed through those four steps, it’s now time for you to print your finished product. You can use a photo paper or a specialty paper. Enclose your finished invitation card in an envelope to make it more clean and formal. Share and distribute it to your expected guests. Be sure to get their response if they are going to your party or not. Their confirmation will be essential for you to create the final list of attendees.

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