Birthday vouchers are lifesavers for individuals who can't seem to decide on a birthday present for someone special, while businesses take advantage of this as it allows them to promote their products or services and make profits at the same time. In need of one? Check out our selection of Birthday Voucher Templates in Adobe Photoshop! Whether it's for your business or for someone special, these high-quality and editable templates will help you craft a lovely birthday voucher in no time. And they're available in 8.5×4 inches + Bleed size. Make the birthday girl or boy or your customers happy and excited. Hit that download button now!

How to Make a Birthday Voucher in Adobe Photoshop

Did you know that there are about 814,000 birthdays in the US each day? That's according to Almanac. People have different ways of celebrating their birthdays. Some will throw big parties, while others keep it small and simple. But one thing is for sure. All birthday celebrants love to receive gifts on their birthdays. May it be cash, items, or the safe and easy vouchers.

Follow our guide below on how you can create a birthday voucher in PSD.

1. Take Advantage of a Template

When you use a template, you already have a pre-determined structure and layout, so you no longer have to make the birthday voucher from scratch. You just need to make a few changes to the design and replace the text, and you're good to go. Check out these Birthday Voucher Templates in Adobe Photoshop!

2. Highlight the Value

Receivers should instantly know what they're getting, so highlight the value of your voucher. To do this, simply make the text bigger than the others and use a simple, bold font style.

3. Indicate the Expiration Date

Of course, you need to indicate when the gift voucher would expire. And because some people tend to miss the expiration date, see to it that it is located in a position where it can be easily spotted. You don't want to confuse and cause frustration among your recipients.

4. Detail the Terms and Conditions

It should be clear how the holder can claim and what the restrictions are. So list down the terms and conditions using a clear, simple language, and keep it short and concise.

5. Print in a Sturdy Paper Stock

Before printing your simple voucher, double-check to avoid any errors or mistakes. And when you print it, make sure you use a sturdy paper stock to avoid losing its quality.

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