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How to Create Birth Certificate in Adobe Photoshop

Birth certificates are very important as evidence of someone's existence. Birth certificates can be owned by a baby or a pet. This kind of document is important as it provides legal identity. A birth certificate will give the owner a right to support services, inheritance, and eligibility for benefits. Also, when you have a birth certificate, you will have proof of your citizenship and age. This certificate's purpose goes a long way. In order to get a certified birth certificate, your parents or you should get a birth registration. If someone has no or lost his birth certificate, he can ask for an affidavit of birth.

You need to remember, you can't just make fake birth certificates for a legal purpose. However, you can make birth certificates for a person for a personal reason. If you are planning to make a birth certificate for someone or for a pet, you may follow these steps:

1. Gather the Information

The first thing to do is to collect the information of someone you are going to make a certificate for. This is an important step to make your work easier. For a person, you will have to get his or her full name, parents' names, gender, location of birth, height and weight at birth, and date of birth. If you are making for a pet, you will have to collect information about the pet's name, owner, and pet's date of birth.

2. Use a Template

Next, you will now have to download a birth certificate template of your liking. Once you are done downloading it, you can choose what software to use. If you want to use a raster graphics editor, you can use Adobe Photoshop. This is very good at making artistic documents and files.

3. Make Your Design and Layout

In designing, you have to remember that you need to make a presentable certificate. It really depends on who you are making the certificate for. For example, if you want to make a certificate for a puppy, you can add designs of animals on it. You can even put a vector of a pet dog or a paw. You can really be creative as much as you want.

4. Certificate Content

Aside from design and layout, your certificate content has to be organized as well. You will now have to write the information you have gathered. However, when you write, you need to have a formal tone since you are writing a document. Your wording has to sound formal.

5. Signature

The first thing to ask is, who will sign the birth certificate? For a person's certificate, the baby's attending physician is one of the few people to sign. For your pet certificate, you will have the owner and the veterinarian provide their signatures. Signatures make a document authentic. This is not saying that if you make your own birth certificate, and you sign it, automatically your certificate is accepted by the government.

6. Review

Once you are done, you need to review your work. Make sure that you have provided the details correctly. Another thing, when you print the certificate, use high-quality paper, a parchment paper, or a scented paper to make your document presentable.

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