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How to Create a Birthday Invitation in Adobe Photoshop?

According to, around 26% of parents told that they paid more than $500 for their little 'one's first birthday. That's just for the first birthday. Also, a different survey from a supermarket retailer Asda reported that the average British parent spends around $28,000 on their kid's birthdays through age 21. While A poll by U.K. firm Vouchercloud discovered the average 'kid's party goes about $400 - before presents. These project reports clearly state how these birthday parties are expensive and costly.

Although we might think that birthday parties should not happen, because of how expensive and costly it is, a study from Harvard debunks this. Birthdays and some activities from childhood are things that can develop the child. With enough support, the child can quickly develop Executive Function and Self-Regulation skills. These skills are the mental processes that enable kids or human beings on this end, to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. That's why birthdays are essential.

1. Have A Theme

The first step in creating a birthday invitation in Photoshop is to have a theme. Determining a party's motif not only expedites the process, but it also makes the whole preparation smooth. For example, if you wanted to make a mickey mouse circus-themed party, then you could combine all the parts of the party to coincide with the theme. Your greeting card, for example, could have the clipart or animations printed into them.

2. Find A Template

After determining the motif, you can start finding a template that could help you realize what you have imagined in the upcoming birthday party. Starting from blank seems marvelous and creative on the outset, but having a party invitation template is just divine. It not only expedites the process of your preparation, but it also allows you to spend time where it is needed.

3. Edit in Adobe Photoshop

When you are sure about the invitation template, you can start editing it. Edit your invitation template in Adobe Photoshop. Some models have beautiful backgrounds, and if you want, you can even add the celebrant's photo on it also. By doing this, you are making the party personal and unique. Be sure to make your colors complement the motif. When you have the colors compliment, it makes your event better, if not the best.

4. Add Details

When you have the colors and the backgrounds set, you can start adding the wordings. You add the details to the invitation. Essential aspects include time, venue, theme (if you wanted to have a costume party), the name of the birthday celebrant of course and the directions. Make sure to make the words in there inviting, but not too long. You are not writing an invitation letter. It would be best if you also made something like an RSVP Card invitation to know how many people are coming. By doing this, you will be sure that your food and supplies will not run out fast or would not be too much.

5. Save and Print or Send

When you think that everything is all right, you should save your file. Keeping a copy of the format is a must. Maintaining a replica not only makes the data safe, but it also allows you to do those last-minute edits whenever you like. After that, if you wanted to do an online invite, you can attach the invitation to an email. Printing a paper copy, though, is a formal invitation. You should do this, especially if the event is somewhat grand, like for those birthdays for adults. People appreciate it best if the request is in this manner.

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