How to Make Your Custom Book Cover in Adobe Illustrator

Through the use of Adobe Illustrator, you can put together an impressive cover for your recipe book or novel without breaking a sweat! Even if you’re not familiar with Illustrator, you won’t need to worry, as we’ve got a guide to help you out.

1. Register for a Subscription to Adobe Illustrator

If you don’t have Illustrator installed on your computer yet, pay a visit to Adobe Inc.’s online store at their website to find it. They have a selection of different charge rates for you to pay per month to use Illustrator.

Are you unsure about spending the money on subscribing to Illustrator, so that you can use it to modify your editable book cover? Well, with the quality and efficiency that Adobe has been able to provide their customers with for decades now, you can be certain that your budget is being used for something worthwhile! Even with the many other brands and companies out there to choose from, you can be assured of Adobe Inc.’s ability to provide you with all the necessary tools to create a gorgeous design for your book by using Illustrator.

2. Install Adobe Illustrator and See What It Can Do

After you get your hands on Illustrator and install it onto your computer, fire it up and have a look through its user interface. If you’re someone without any prior experience in using programs for art and graphical design, figuring out what all the different tools and features do can be really daunting at first; however, all it really takes is a bit of poking around to get comfortable enough for the purpose of customizing your book cover.

3. Find the Cover That Suits Your Book the Most

When you’ve gotten comfortable enough with Adobe Illustrator, it’s time to search for a matching cover template from our line of ready-made creative templates. We offer a wide range of varying designs for you to pick from, be it a somber photo for your autobiography or some cute and simple art for a children’s book covers; a collection of beautiful possibilities is available for you to wrap around your pages with!

4. Download Your Template and Open It Up in Adobe Illustrator

Did you decide a modern book cover design yet? If so, download the respective file to your computer and it’s time to get started on editing in Illustrator. Each template from our expansive catalog of ready-made creative templates is designed for anyone to easily modify, coming with placeholder text for you to alter and to help you get started. And, with Illustrator, you can also customize the graphic design to however you wish!

5. Save Your Work and You’re Ready to Print

When you’re done, don’t forget to save the changes. With Adobe Illustrator and our ready-made creative templates, captivate your readers with both the outside AND inside of your books!

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