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How to Make a Creative Resume in Illustrator

A Creative Resume is a non-traditional resume created perfectly for job seekers that are seeking employment in a creative industry, such as marketing and design. It is critical that you make your resume stand out; the first 15–20 words that you write on your resume are critically important. That’s why you need to start strong when writing your resume; cite only the important details when it comes to your achievements and skills because hiring managers will focus solely on how you would be beneficial to the company and nothing more.

Check out the tips below on how to make a creative resume in Adobe Illustrator.

1. Select Resume Type

When you’re trying to select the type of resume that you want to use, you also need to consider the company that you are applying to. The type of resume should vary according to the preference of a company. If you’re a fresh graduate who is seeking a job related to teaching, or administrative assistant, then, you need a Fresher Resume to help you construct the necessary details needed for the job. You can always make your resume simple and clean.

2. Make It Clear

Be concise. Having a lot to put especially on the part where you need to state your skills and achievements in your resume. If you are going to apply for a corporate job, then we have a Corporate Resume that can help you input necessary information for you to land a job in a corporate field. It may be difficult to be concise, so state only those skills that you think might help you land the job.

3. Be Objective

Before you apply for a company or establishment, you need to research first what the company’s background is in order for you to have a clear overview of what you need to put on your objectives. A company usually looks for people who they think might live up to the values their company had already established. You also need to indicate what you can offer to the company if ever they will hire you to be part of their family. To do that, you need our Custom Resume where you can input information that will suit the company standards.

4. Be Creative

This is the part where you need to showcase your creativity, especially if you are applying for a company related to designs, animation, drafting, etc. Being creative is hard, especially for people who are not into it. Here, we also offer Designer Resume to do the creative stuff for you. So you don't have to worry about having to put designs to impress the company you want to work with. You can also use Adobe Illustrator to help you out when it comes to designing your resume.

5. Be Professional

No matter what company you want to apply to, keep it professional always. Our Professional Resume template will help you make every detail of your resume professionally made. Jobs that require these kinds of resumes are engineers, architects, nurses, and teachers. After completing everything, you can now start printing your desired resume according to the preference of the company that you want to apply for.

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