How to Make a Business Roadmap in Google Docs

From online marketing to merchandise production, a roadmap is an indispensable tool for your business’s operations. This particular infographic comes in handy for detailing all your goals and visions (as explained by Chron, a US-based publication).

Google Docs is an excellent application for creating a business roadmap. If you’re wondering how to make to most out of it, then continue reading our tips down below.

1. Prepare a Summary for Your Business Roadmap

To make a strategic business roadmap, you need a well-written summary of the matter at hand (such as a project plan, finance development, etc.). Do this by taking the time to think things through and getting all the information written down.

There are elements like task timelines, progression stages, team members, and more that go into a roadmap’s contents. Once you have all the necessary details for your particular needs, making the diagram will be fairly simple.

2. Provide a Sensible Title for Your Business Roadmap

Running a business involves having a coordinated team, which means keeping all members informed through your roadmap document. Because of this, your diagram needs a title that indicates its exact contents.

Keep it simple yet fairly detailed, like “Retail Chain Development Dashboard” orProduct Marketing Strategy.” Also, remember to make it stand out by using large bold font.

3. Choose between Grid Tables or Shapes

Generally, there are two main formats for making a roadmap document—tables and shapes. Both are great ways of making your document’s visuals, which makes choosing between them more dependent on preference. Grid tables are more direct and have a formal appearance. On the other hand, there’s more flexibility and creativity when using various shapes and other graphics.

Add a table by going to Insert > Table and choosing the cell layout. For shapes, go to Insert > Drawing > New and use the Drawing window. Both have their pros and cons, so consider which one works best for you.

4. Improve the Look and Function of Your Business Roadmap

Once you’ve chosen a visual format for your roadmap’s body, you can truly bring out its best by adding some well-planned coloring. Use a selection of different colors to distinguish each category in your infographic. Doing so adds to both the roadmap’s readability and presentation.

Did you get through all our tips? By remembering what you’ve read, you won’t have a problem making a digram for your business plans. And if you need easy-to-use samples for your work, remember to download our Business Roadmap Templates!

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