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What Is a Card?

A card is a piece of stiff paper or a small rectangular piece of plastic that can serve as either an invitation to participate in a type of event or a tool for identification within an educational institution or organization or event. It can be used as proof to show that you are a member within an organization.

How to Make an Editable Card on Adobe Illustrator?

Editable cards are customizable card templates with printable designs and ready-made layouts. They are created to help you create your own cards if you find the task difficult or if you lack the time to create a design yourself. However, if you should decide that you want to learn how to create one yourself then you can follow the steps below. The program we will be using is Adobe Illustrator which makes the task less hassle than it really is.

1. Identify the Type of Card

There is a variety of cards from which you can choose from in our website. You just need to know what type of card you want to go for. Here we will take a look at the different types of cards. The most common one is the identification card or the ID card. It serves to help your superiors or the head of your educational institutions identify you should they acquire your assistance. A membership card serves as a voucher of sorts to let organizations such as gyms know that you are an active member. Trading cards are a collection item mainly used in sports or other subjects that feature cartoons, comic book characters, television series, and film stills. You also have the likes of invitation cards which are more or less self explanatory and appointment cards which serve as a reminder for your next meeting with your doctor or dentist.

2. Make a Rough Draft

Once you identify your card, you can make a rough draft on Adobe Illustrator. You can create two separate tabs so you can assign one for making a rough draft and the other to create your final design. If you feel two tabs is distracting then you can simply delete all the other design once you've come up with your final layout. For the rough draft, it's best that you create from three to five designs. This is to help you construct different layouts and select the best one to go for your card. If you're uncertain about the layout, you can refer to templates to give you an idea.

3. Create the Card Design

Based on the layout of your choosing, you can start creating your design. You can just add layers over the draft and begin adding the elements of your card. Choose a color you feel is appropriate to your organization or educational institution. The same thing is applied for invitation cards. The images you attach for identification cards has to be professional looking pictures. Any image you attach to other cards can instead use vector illustrations to add to the cards appeal. Trading cards can either use a photo of the athlete in action during a game or use a studio shot picture. The same can be applied for non-sports categories in trading cards.

4. The Content of the Card

For membership, appointment, and identification cards, you only need to set up some basic information of the card holder. Appointment and identification cards would require you to add more details such as their contact information. Invitation cards would require you to attach the name of the event, the date, and the venue. You may even tell them what to wear or bring.

5. Export and Printing

When you finish, do a review of the card design and content. Fix any design error that you can find and any grammatical or punctuation errors. When you're satisfied with your output, you can export the image to turn it into a jpeg file and have it printed out.

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