Serving the community is one of the most worthwhile and noble actions anyone can engage in. If someone has helped or volunteered in your church or non-profit organization, write a letter that confirms his or her service to the organization. Avoid creating a letter from scratch, download one of our ready-made Community Service Letter Templates, and simplify your task. These letters are professionally written and are 100% editable and printable. What more are you looking for? Subscribe and download a template today now!

How to Write a Community Service Letter?

This letter is a document that serves as a confirmation or verification that an individual participated in community service. According to the National & Community Service, precisely found in 2018 Volunteering in America report, around 30.3% of adults volunteered through an organization during the year 2017. Various individuals engage in community service for different reasons: students required by their school, lawbreakers mandated by the government, and plain individuals who enjoy the service. Regardless of their reasons, if you have to write a printable letter about someone's completion of community service, no need to feel stressed making one. The tips below can serve as your guide in writing a community service letter.

1. State What the Person Completed

Begin your business letter by telling the recipient that the student or individual has completed community service in your organization or church. You can also give short information about your organization because the recipient may not know you.

2. Reveal the Hours Rendered

The recipient should know how many hours the person rendered his or her service to you. This is important because some will have specific hours the person is required to serve. You have to be specific about how many hours the person stayed to help in your organization. This simple letter will be proof of how long the person or volunteer gave his or her service.

3. Share the Kind of Service Given

Although not necessary, you may include the specific activities the subject engaged in. You can create a table outlining the program or activity, its time-frame, work description to be definite in your sample letter.

4. Share a Positive Thing About the Person

It's always wonderful to have people helping you with work. So, as a return, you may provide some positive characteristics about the volunteer in your formal letter. Just be honest about your observations or her attitude towards work. You can share and provide examples of how dedicated or sincere the person is while serving.

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