Construction is a big industry. Business deals in this industry do not just need verbal agreements. There are always legal implications to an industry with a huge contribution to the economy. If you need documents for this kind of business, our collection of Construction Legal Templates in Google Docs can help you out! Each sample comes with an original content that's 100% editable and customizable. You can just replace it with your content and print it in A4 and US Letter Sizes. Seal the deal to your projects by downloading our templates now!

How to Make Construction Legal Templates In Google Docs

The Associated General Contractors of America said that the construction industry has more than 680,00 employers and 7 million employees. With numbers this huge, it makes sense to protect the interest of the business and the workers with legal templates.
Read our tips below if you need to create one.

1. Know the Type of Template

There are many kinds of legal templates. You should know the kind that you'll make. Legal templates include contracts, agreements, forms, letters, and organizational charts. If you've decided on what template to make, get the basic information of the other party.

2. Do Research

Some legal templates are quite complicated, such as contracts and agreements. It's best to seek legal help and do your research on writing these templates. Do some fact checking or cite some parts of the business law to keep the template factual.

3. Write Content

A tip for writing legal templates—keep the language simple. Make sure it's understandable for both parties. Doing so enables clear communication between you and the contractor. In contracts, you have to assure that the terms work for the both you. If you're writing a letter, make sure it only covers a page and it clearly states your intention. If it's a fillable form, always check the document for any missing details.

4. Double Check

Do a run through of your document to spot potential spelling and grammar errors. Ask some legal experts if the terms in the contract are fair and just for both parties. Make sure that the template benefits the construction company as well.

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