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How to Make a Construction Legal Document in Microsoft Word?

The building, structure design, property, and work are construction areas that needed legal documents. You need to secure these in order for your Construction Project to prosper. However, you might need to consider some vital factors before making one. Working on your documents may not be work in a park, but do not worry as we got you! Below are some simple tips in making a construction legal document.

1. Start with the Outline

As former President Benjamin Franklin quoted, ‘’by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’’ So, if you do not want to fail, you need to come up with a plan. Start by choosing the right outline for the right construction document. This would determine how the content of your document would be arranged. Usually, an outline contains a heading with the company’s information and logo, body, and closing.

2. Follow Legal Writing Principles

This is a crucial regulation that you need to follow as legal document writing is different from commercial writing. When working on your content, you need to consider the legal writing principles. You need to list your content according to the most relevant up to the least. You also need to avoid using slangs and jargons that your audience might not understand. Moreover, make your content as brief and straightforward as possible.

3. Cite your Sources

There are inevitable instances where you would need to cite legal authorities, so you must include them in your document. Depending on what type of construction legal document, you need to cite them according to the appropriate format. Doing this would make your document more credible and reliable.

4. Format the Entire Document

For your document format, you need to consider various factors. You need to make sure that the font style and font size that you use would give you a formal-looking document. Also, if you wanted to number your work, you need to be consistent. Moreover, you need to refer to the jurisdiction’s rules and regulations. Do not use bright colors or different fonts like one would do in a Construction Poster or Brochure.

5. End with a Signature

The legal document must be validated by the sender and receiver, so you must indicate a place where they can embed their signature. Write their full name and their position. Then, give a space for each name that could be a line to harbor their signature. Also, you need to include the date when the document is signed.

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