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How to Write a Construction Quotation?

construction quotation template

1. Write Your Company Information

On the header of your quotation, write the important details of your company, such as name, construction letterhead, address, and contact details. Apart from providing your client the contact information, this would also serve as a way to boost your branding, so your name would be known in the market.

2. Include the Details of the Salesperson

As a minimum, the details of the salesperson that must be included in your quotation are the name and contact number. Giving your potential customers these details would encourage them to communicate with you through your salesperson in case they have related concerns and clarifications.

3. Set the Validity Date of the Quote

In a construction industry setting, when the prices of the raw materials needed in the construction project can drastically change from time to time, it is vital to set the validity or expiry date of the quotation. This would help you clearly estimate the appropriate price based on the current construction market price of your materials. Usually, the validity period of the quote is one month or 30 days.

4. Provide the Construction Details

These include the raw materials that you need and their price sheets, the number of workers and their hourly rates, the overall number of hours it would take to complete the project, any milestones, and the payment after every milestone achieved and the total amount. Additionally, you must also clearly specify the taxes, fees, and other charges to be paid by the client.

5. Present the Totals

It is also important that you highlight the totals because many clients are concerned about the total payment and construction financial statements, and will immediately scan the page to see the final amount that they are going to pay. You can render it in bold, or you can double rule the final price.

6. Incorporate the Terms and Conditions and Supplementary Information

Both parties of the construction service must know and agree to the terms and conditions related to the transaction. Hence, you must reserve a section in your quotation where you present the terms and conditions and other notes that your potential client must know before he or she finalizes the transactions with you.

7. Add the Signature

Finally, the signature of the salesperson in charge of the transaction must be affixed at the bottom of the formal document confirming the legitimacy and validity of the construction quotation.

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