How to Make a Construction Quotation in Apple(MAC) Numbers?

The Associated General Contractors of America stated on their website that the construction industry makes as much as $1.3 trillion worth of structures annually. This industry is a massive asset to the American economy. But this doesn't mean that things are easy for construction companies. One of the things they need to do is to negotiate with their potential clients first. To begin the transaction, they send their clients their Construction quotations, Receipts, Invoices, etc. If you want to send a quotation, too, here's a list of tips that might help you:

1. Provide Your Company and Your Client's Details

Your quotation needs to have branding elements. By doing this, people can easily distinguish your quotation from others. So, you have to include your company details. You can put your company name, logo, address, website, quotation number, and quotation date. Likewise, you also have to put your client's details. You can put your client's name, address, phone, and other essential information.

2. List the Services and Materials

Your client is after the services and materials, or both. So, you have to give them a complete Construction Checklist of your services and materials. Make sure that you neatly arrange these details so that your client can easily read them. Make sure that you use legible typographies to make your quote look professional. If you use unflattering typographies, it might make your client lose interest. You need to leave them a good impression.

3. Present the Right Prices and Display the Total Amount

Aside from the list of the services and materials, you also have to provide the Construction Budget for each item. Don't put an estimate. Your clients need to see the exact or fixed prices of each service and material. You have to be specific about these things. For instance, on the services, you have to include an Estimate of how much each labor costs. Don't leave your clients questioning anything on the document, or else they wouldn't want to sign the quote.

To make things easier for your clients, you have to put the total amount of everything on the list. Then, your clients will decide if they're going to accept your business deal or not. You can include the tax, too.

5. Provide a Space for the Client's Signature

It's not always that your clients will sign the quotation, and the deal is closed. However, you can use the bottom of the page for your client's signature as part of the format. This way, you can encourage them to sign to seal the deal.

6. Download a Quote Template

If you want to finish in no time, then you can work on a quotation template. Templates are highly convenient for everyone, so you have to add them to your checklist. They can save time and money. You can choose a template from this page and download one. Then, you can customize it in Apple Numbers. Personalize the template and make it fit your needs. For the last part, send your quote to your client. Good luck!

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