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How to Create a Construction Quotation in Microsoft Word (DOC)?

According to Info Entrepreneurs, a quotation is a price offer that cannot be changed once the client accepts it. With that, it would include construction information that your clients would want to know. So, issuing one is a crucial step, especially for the future of your construction company, thus, you need to ace your game. Let us help you by providing these easy and helpful tips for creating a construction quotation in Word:

1. Create a File and Follow Proper Format

As an estimate, a quotation is a formal document that needs to adhere to the proper formatting. This step does not need complexity; rather, you need to follow strictly. Open MS Word and indicate the tile of the document at the top page. Then, you need to write your quotation header, body, and footer. But, if you wanted to make a construction quotation letter, use your company letterhead and a different format. Since you are using a Word file, it would not be much difficult to act upon different content formatting styles. Select the content and go to the 'Format' menu and make the formatting, highlighting and changes required. If you are still confused, you can refer to a sample quotation to know more about another construction quotation format.

2. Have a List of Important Points

You would need to have a reference for the content of your quotation. With that, prepare a checklist of the essential points that you need to present to your clients. For your construction company, usually, the key points are relevant to the products or services that you offer. For example, if you own a construction company, list out the services like design cost, groundworks, masonry works, floor and roof structure, doors and windows, plumbing, and more. Then, include their respective prices.

3. Write your Header

To officially work your way to a construction quotation report, you need to write a header for your document. Usually, it contains your construction company name, logo, location, contact number, email address, and others. Afterward, include the quotation number, quotation date, and construction details. Remember that it is important to number your document as it would serve as an indicator.

4. Emphasize the Benefits

Now that you have written your header, you can now start with the body. This is the most crucial section in your simple quotation. This would serve as your ticket to win the hearts of your clients. So, emphasize the benefits of the quotation. To do that, you need to list your items strategically in a systematic order.

5. Include Terms and Conditions

To avoid discrepancies between the two parties involved, you must layout terms and conditions in your simple quotation that is beneficial to both parties. For example, if you are making a construction labor quotation, include terms and conditions by defining that 90% of the payment must be made during project operation and 10% of it must be paid afterward. In that sense, it would be advantageous for both parties.

6. Insert Payment Terms

At the bottom of it, you can insert the payment terms that you and your clients both agreed. It may be at the bottom of your quotation, but it is one of the most important aspects of it. Include also the due date of the payment timeline.

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