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How to Make a Construction Quotation in Apple (MAC) Pages?

One of the highly pursued professions, in the US, is related to civil engineering; says Career Builder's report. It said that most of the students would like to become an engineer shortly. Though the source was not able to pinpoint how many of these students would stick with the major after their first college assignment, engineering remains a decent profession to land on. And it seems engineering occupations are not slowing down at all. On an article by Forbes, it found out that the growth of engineering-related job has doubled from 2010 to 2014: petroleum engineers (30%), mining and geological engineers (12%), biomedical engineers (10%), and industrial engineers (10%). The same article revealed that the U.S. has an estimated 1.6 million engineering-related jobs with a median salary of 42 U.S. dollars per hour. So if you are planning to pursue any of the engineering-related professions, make sure to equip yourself with persistence and consistency, because this field is a competitive industry.

To have a head start with your engineering journey, study the basic documents the field has. One of these documents is a construction quotation. We made a list of simple steps you can easily follow to make your quotation in Apple Pages now.

1. Make a Plan and a Draft

Start making the quotation by learning its basic parts and its purpose. Before buying any material for a construction project, most of the time, construction contractors require a material quotation. This document helps them foresee the estimated cost of the project. With that, they can allot budget and arrange expenses. Once you have an idea about the importance of a construction quotation, begin making a draft. The draft is the blueprint of your document. However, you can tweak or make changes in the draft if needed. It is just a temporary plan that you can refer to as you continue making the quotation. More so, the basic components of a simple quotation include payment method, customer acceptance signature block, quote expiry date, payment terms and conditions, schedule for work (if applicable), revisions, variations, breakdown of costs, business details, and total cost.

2. Launch and Add Important Details

Launch Apple Pages and choose a 'blank' or 'new' document and proceed to add the details. Consider the details (as mentioned in the previous step) as the essential details of your construction quotation. Without adding those, you will confuse the clients or the company. Make sure you focus on making the document seamless. It should not have errors. Remember, you are investing in monetary resources in your purchase, and money is what keeps your business operate.

3. Use Simple Typographies

Your construction quotation is a form that does not need novelty fonts, and the creative serif because readability is enough. Choose a san serif font to make the quotation look neat and formal. Also, you can only make the header pop by formatting it to 'Bold'. Other than that, do not format the body text into bold. Use various other features of Pages from the top menus to format the document neatly and concisely.

4. Be Formal and Professional

When it comes to making a quotation, formality is a must. Keep in mind that a construction quotation is a business report or document, which means it has to look professional. One way to making it look professional is by being minimalistic. Only include the relevant information and nothing else.

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