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How to Create Construction Signs?

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Aside from its completion, the safety of both workers and outsiders must be prioritized when it comes to construction projects. In line with that, various security measures must be enforced by construction management. By creating effective construction signs, you can guarantee the safety of all those within the vicinity of the construction site. To help you create such signs, we've prepared a few steps that can teach you how.

1. Follow Industry Standards

One thing that you need to look into when creating construction signs would be the industry standards regarding how they're supposed to be made. Do your research to get a good idea of what signs you're going to need. Keep in mind that you need to consider the type of construction project you're doing so that you can do a thorough search on what signs you need to have.

2. Focus on Emphasis

It is important that your construction signs are actually able to grab the attention of those who are within the premises of the construction field or site. The best way to ensure that your signs are noticeable is by using vibrant colors. Again, this is a case wherein you will have to follow industry standards and have your signs' background colors be in yellow, red, orange, etc. Also, you'll have to take note of the font you're going to use. Just make sure that you choose a font and font size which guarantees that the text is readable and is large enough for anyone to see even from a distance.

3. Keep it Short

Although there are signs that simply need graphics to tell people what to watch out for, there require text in order to display important information. When making such signs, it's best to keep things brief and straight to the point. Perfect examples that you might have seen are "Safety First," "Deep Excavation," "Road Under Construction" and "Men at Work".

4. Make Sure it's the Right Size

In line with the first step, you'll need to make sure that the size of the signs for your construction project is large enough for people to see while still being able to comply with industry standards. Know that the standard size for temporary signs are 18”x 24” and must not exceed 3 feet. If you want its size to go beyond 3 feet, then you'll need to get approval from your local government council. Once it has been approved, you can make what you need and place them in prominent areas where they're sure to be seen.

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