From the erection of grand infrastructures to the tall buildings, all are byproducts of construction. Indeed, it shapes the world around us, but alongside, it is a dangerous profession. With that, safety should be the main priority, so signs exist, not just for the workers but for everyone. If you want to save your company from any possible trouble, you can avail of our wisely designed Construction Sign Templates in Microsoft Word. These are high-quality printable in 24x18 inches + bleed sizes, plus packed with suggestive content and original layout that you can use. Hurry, grab one now and use Word's special features to create your Construction Signs perfectly today and have a safe work ahead!

How to Create a Construction Sign in Microsoft Word(DOC)?

Construction Company works require the use of large tools and machinery, which are hazardous materials. Because of such work's nature, the construction site is considered one of the most dangerous places. As Construction Projects begin, life-threatening dangers for the wandering passerby's and workers in the site continuously increases. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 150 000 accidents happening on the construction sites in the US alone. Thus, adherence to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and practices, construction signs are crucial as it functions to alert people about the precautionary measures and possible hazards within the vicinity of the construction zone. To help you promote Construction Safety, we have gathered simple steps for you to follow.

1.Establish Bold Wordings with Proper Fonts

The primary purpose of signs is to convey messages or information. As James Felici says, "prettiness without readability serves neither the author nor the reader." Thus, it is essential to use proper format into the signs, so avoid decorative fonts like Old English fonts. In this way, people can quickly read and comprehend what to do and what to avoid. Also, capitalizing the letters would emphasize the message.

2.Utilize Bright Color Schemes

You cannot possibly warn people if they cannot see the signage you have posted, particularly in dim places and may lead to the risk of injuries, accidents, and even death. To prevent this, you need to apply neon colors to signs. Moreover, the typical color combinations that most signages have are yellow, orange, red, black, and white. These colors raise the level of notability that catches people's attention.

3. Incorporate Images

Since not everyone is familiar with the words being used, label images help the people to understand and be an alarm. For instance, when you put a sign that people need to wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), they cannot comprehend what PPE means. But when you incorporate images at the side or below the sign, they would instantly capture its purpose.

4. Make use of a Template

Crafting construction signs may be tiring, especially when you have no idea on what to include. Cheer up! Here, we have provided you with pre-made creative Graphic Design templates so you would not need to start from scratch. With its all easy features, you can customize the sign whatever way you would like. A hassle-free and research-based product all rolled into one, an opportunity like this you shouldn't miss. So, if you decided to have one, feel free to choose from this page.

5. Keep It Posted in a Visible Area

The sign's purpose will not be met if the signage is displayed in an area where people can't see. Hence, signage should be located in a distant field or within the perimeters of the construction zone, where the public can easily view. Through these people passing by will be notified that there is an under-construction of infrastructure. Also, consider to put warning letters before the construction of the mandatory road project begins to prevent traffic from happening.

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