How to Make a Construction Sign in Adobe Illustrator (AI)?

A construction site isn't a safe place. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2018, there were 5,250 fatal work injuries in the United States. Anyone can be hurt within the vicinity. For this, the law requires every construction site to put construction safety signs to prevent accidents or confusion. That's why when someone visits a construction site, they see a lot of different signs there. So if you need to make a sign for a construction site, here are some tips that you may find useful:

1. Identify the Kind of Sign

Every sign communicates a different idea to people. Like in a road or highway, you may see a dead-end sign, a do not pass the sign, a road closed sign, a left turn sign, and others. It's the same in the construction site because they also require the same sorts of precautionary measures. So you have to begin with determining the type of sign you need to make. Do you have to make an under construction sign or a safety first sign?

2. Start Making

Open Adobe Illustrator, set size, orientation, etc. and proceed by clicking at 'Create'. People don't place colors on a sign to decorate it, like what they do with posters. Colors are there for a reason. For instance, the color red represents a hazard or prohibition. The color blue means something is mandatory. Then, yellow is a symbol for people to be careful or be cautious. And green means that there's no danger. Also, most people know what those colors represent. So you can't just replace any symbol color with something else. If you did, there'd be a tendency that people might get the wrong information.

3. Keep the Essential Information Big and Bold

The size and the font style in a sign matters a lot. Keep it opposite to the style used in making a card. As a tip, you have to make the most important information slightly bigger than the other information on the sign. This way, people can directly see it and directly get what the safety sign is about. Use boldface and resize the text and make it bigger. Also, you have to place the text or label in the middle to make it more noticeable. Also, don't use typefaces that are hard to read. Make sure that you stick to the legible ones.

4. Use Symbols

Symbols are essential in communicating with people. Some signs do have symbols on them and some don't. So if your sign needs one, put it on your checklist. Make sure that you correctly put the symbol. For instance, you're going to make a sign for "under construction," then you can put a man digging with a shovel. This way, people can quickly get the idea that people are working.

5. Download a Template

Make your work quicker by using a template. Templates will help you save time because you only need to edit it. Templates already have helpful content that can help you. You can select a construction sign template above. Next, you can start tweaking it in Adobe Illustrator. Then you can print it.

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