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Make Your Construction Project Site Safer for Workers, Engineers, Supervisors, and Staff with’s Construction Site Templates. Minimize Occupational Hazards with Our Ready-Made Samples in Bright Red, Yellow, Green, or Blue Warning Signs That Include Signs for Parking, Traffic, and Personal Protective Gear. Choose the Ones You Need and Download for Free in Apple Pages.See more

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  • Development and the growing number of construction sites are never without perils. That’s why safety measures are being implemented, and mandatory procedures are observed to keep everyone involved out of danger. This includes the posting of warning signs to keep both the workers and the public informed of the risks. Do this by using our premium selection of Construction Sign Templates in Apple Pages. It’s made in high-quality resolution with original layouts made by creative experts. It’s scalable vectors permit customizations and alterations in various gadgets easily. It’s instantly downloadable and printable upon acquisition. And now you can use Apple's special features now to insert comments and illustrations too. Prioritize safety and download now!

    How to Make Construction Signs in Apple(MAC) Pages?

    According to the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are nearly 6.5 million construction workers in 252,000 sites in the country. This means that millions of people are at risk of construction hazards when proper procedures and responsible conduct are neglected. These risks include scaffold and trench collapse, falling objects, motion injuries, and overlooking the importance of proper clothing and equipment. This is where Construction Safety signs play a significant role in keeping both the public and on-site workers safe. It keeps harm at bay by reminding that hazards should never be ignored.

    1. Make It Strikingly Visible

    Since a construction sign plays a significant role in keeping the public and everyone aboard the project safe, it should be highly visible. Plan your content by using striking colors along with bold, large, and all upper case fonts. Red and orange are the widely used colors because it denotes danger. Our brain automatically responds negatively to these shades because we associate it with blood and fire, making them a perfect hue for construction hazards. Yellow is commonly used not only in traffic signs but in construction signs as well as it signifies a warning.

    2. Use Illustrations

    Signs are better understood with an accompanying illustration. A written context is not always understood, especially if it’s in a foreign language, but a graphic drawing of a slashed cigarette is an apparent indication that smoking is prohibited in the area. If you want people to look out for falling debris, a simple artwork of a person avoiding fallen rock will make much more sense. It will also aid those who are visually impaired who might not be able to make out your warning labels in the distance.

    3. Make Use of a Durable Material

    Construction signs might be temporary, but they’ll be put up during the entirety of the Project. It could take months and years. Using high-quality and sturdy material is a necessity for this signage. Your options include Medium Dynasty Overlay (MDO), aluminum, acrylic, foam board, and polyvinyl chloride, or PVC will help your sign withstand external disturbance such as the wind, the rain, and human interventions. This will also enhance your outline's visual characteristics. Place your sign in places where dangers might occur or where people can easily spot them.

    4. Wrap Up with a Template

    Signs might look visually simple and uncomplicated, but it would be challenging to pursue. You need to employ a professional and premium imagery for your outline. You will need to get the services of a Graphic Designer in order to get the best results but the costs might be hefty. Use a construction sign template instead. Our selection of Graphic Designs comes in different categories, themes, and purposes to cater to your every need. They are curated by professionals as wells, so rest assured that you’ll be granted with results that are of excellent quality. This also permits you to make customizations in any application and device conveniently.