Who wouldn't want to drink on occasions like weddings and holidays? Even any self-respecting bars knows that the best way to a man's wallet is with a tall glass of cold beer. However, if you really want your business to expand, you have to entice customers to drink their heart's content and until they reach the depths of their pockets. Here's an idea, why not promote your establishment with promos and drinking tickets? Tickets that you can make using our high-quality, beautifully designed, and easily editable Drink Ticket Templates. Our 100% customizable products come in various layouts ranging from wedding drink ticket templates, holiday drink ticket templates, and various other events that are made so much better with a chilled can of alcohol and soda. You can personalize your own drink ticket template in formats like Adobe Illustrator, MS Word, Apple Pages, Photoshop, and Publisher. Subscribe now!

What is a Drink Ticket?

Drink tickets are one of the popular ways of selling and tracking drink costs in a certain business establishment or for events. These simple tickets are very economical because they can simply control the crowd with the drink intake and will help to identify those people who must be prioritized in serving the drinks. Drink tickets are also used to manage the flow of alcohol consumption of the guests in an event like weddings, birthdays, holidays, and so on. It can signify how many drinks that you can only avail as the tickets would note "one drink" or "three drinks" and more. These tickets can assist the management to attain a smooth and successful event.

How to Create a Drink Ticket

drink ticket template

Drink tickets are not that difficult to make as long as the details are being provided well. Some people would appreciate well-crafted and modern tickets and even keep them after use. Here are the following steps on how to make good drink tickets in five easy steps.

1. Choose a Ticket Template

For you to save time, you can choose a complimentary template here in template.net for you to start with your drink ticket. You can choose a template in the premium drink tickets that are purchased for a specific price. You can also choose a drink ticket template for free. The templates here can be personalized in software applications like Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Pages, Photoshop, and Publisher in 5.5x2 inches file size. These templates are readily designed with built-in texts and layouts. The choice of templates online are endless and it is up to you which one you would like to use.

2. Provide Salient Information

Provide salient information on your ticket template. The information must include the name of the event or the name of the establishment, the host or the sponsors of the event, inclusions of the drinks, the venue, the date, and the theme. Your drink ticket template must fail to inform these details as they are vital for the event and for the establishment to be successful.

3. Incorporate the Branding Elements

According to a source, tickets are one of the useful elements of marketing strategy. Studies say that it is easier for the person to remember certain brands if they are able to identify it with an image. If you are making a drink ticket for your own business, make sure to put your logo effectively somewhere on the ticket where it can be easily be seen by the people. If you are making drinking tickets for an event, make sure to provide the logo of the sponsors for them to promote their own business.

4. Consider the Designs

Consider the designs of your sample ticket template. If you are using an online ticket template, the designs are no longer an issue because they are already professionally predesigned and you can simply change some of its parts if you want to. Choose a font style that will make the texts readable. Do not put too many colors on your drink ticket template but you can simply limit it to two or three colors. The design should be relevant to the theme of the event or the theme of the establishment.

5. Print Out

You can now print your ticket template. The standard ticket template size is 5.2 by 5 inches. According to a trusted source, you must print your template on a thick paper stock for a more durable card. Choose a specific glossy paper to retain the colors of the card.

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