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What Is a Ticket?

A ticket is popularly and widely known as a promotional event pass used for various situations and scenarios. However, contrary to the common knowledge on the use of tickets, this item holds other various functions. The first function is the most common. A ticket entitles you an admit-one right or authorization to enter a movie, a fundraiser, a raffle, or any certain event. The second function or use entitles one to utilize public vehicular transportation such as airplanes, buses, ships, and other vehicles provided by the government and other companies. According to, the third function or use for tickets are for warnings and violations. For example, a law enforcement officer can give you a traffic ticket for driving on a red light. These three uses may not be the only function of a ticket. Create one, and see what other functions and uses of a ticket you might encounter!

How to Make Tickets in Apple Pages

1. Functions and Uses

Decide on what type of ticket you want to create. You can’t just create a colorful and artsy ticket and use it for a bus entry and service. Do you want to create a concert ticket for Katy Perry’s California Dream tour? Is it a movie ticket for the latest Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth? Or is it an event ticket that features paint for a watercolor workshop? You must decide on the purpose of creating the ticket before thinking of a design and a layout.

2. Font Style

Use an appropriate font style that suits the purpose of the sample ticket. Fonts like Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, and Garamond are effective for transportation and violation tickets. These fonts are well suited for a formal, technical, and non-creative type of ticket. These fonts radiate authority and thus these tickets are commonly used in such settings. You can look at a business card's fonts for reference. Meanwhile, fonts like Broadway, Goudy Stout, Agency FB, Kristen ITC, and other cursive and stocky fonts are best suited for the event tickets. Do not worry. Apple Pages is a large media library that contains more fonts for you to test out and utilize.

3. Color Palette

A creative document necessarily relies on the color scheme to attract and entice a customer to buy the item. Carefully select two colors that may complement each other. For example, you can use green and red. These colors are contradicting each other’s symbols and meaning, but these two different colors still blend. Be creative and maximize each color’s potential use. There are certain tickets like public vehicular transportation tickets and violation tickets that, however, do not use a color scheme at all. These tickets heavily rely on the ticket’s structure, format, and numbers.

4. Details and Information

All promotional documents like event flyers, posters, etc. need to have the necessary information and details that they are promoting written on them. Place the relevant information such as the venue, date and time, activities, and even what to bring or wear to the event. Without the necessary event information, what is then the use of promotional documents? Might as well not create one if you will not bother to jot down the event information.

5. Review the Consistency of the Elements

Review the whole thing. Review if all the elements in the promotional presentation are consistent and correlate with one another. Try to review if the overall output makes sense. If it does, review it once more until you are finally satisfied.

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