Tickets serve for many purposes that make our lives easier and faster like daily transportation tickets assuring that people reach their destinations.  Moreover, tickets are also essential in the success of events like concerts, raffle draws, cinema showtimes, and more. If you want to create a purposeful ticket, then you need to grab a high-quality Ticket Template to answer your design needs.  We offer 100% customizable templates that can be modified to fit your specifications. You will no longer have to put in hours upon hours of creating beautifully designed tickets because we have it all. Download now through MS Word, Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and Apple Pages

How to Make a Ticket?

A ticket is a piece of document that serves as a proof of purchase, entrance voucher, transportation pass, among other related purposes. It is a document that varies in size according to its purpose and function. Tickets are used for concert events, movie passes, carnival rides, and in party admissions. 

The distribution of tickets can be traced back to Ancient Greece when they used them for theatre shows and events. In the 1700s, audiences need to secure a ticket to get a seat at exclusive shows and performances. Without a ticket, a person could not have access to the venue and grab a seat. This brief history goes to show that tickets play a big role in the entertainment industry, and to the transactions of daily life as well. 

Creating modern tickets is easy, but making a valid ticket requires research and creativity. If you have an upcoming event or you are tasked to create a ticket for a specific purpose, refer to the steps provided below to guide you through the process of creating one.

1. Determine the Function of the Ticket

Printable tickets are versatile documents utilized for various purposes, whether its business or personal. In making a ticket, decide first on how the ticket shall be used and on what occasion. The design and features of the ticket depend on its function. Afterward, gather up the details that need to be placed on it.

2. Place the Texts First to See Fit

Most simple tickets come in small sizes, so designing one can be a challenge. However, you can make the design process more manageable if you place the texts first. The content details will serve as your basis for additional design placements and adjustments. Decide on the layout of the ticket if you will have it in a landscape or portrait layout. Input the text and work your way to the placement of graphic designs. 

3. Assign the Color Scheme and Designs

Beautify or enhance the invitation or sports ticket’s appearance by adding the chosen color schemes, designs, and the brand logo. As you place these essential designs, see to it that you are using elements that are in line with your event or occasion. It’s also best to utilize visual hierarchy so that every detail is harmonious and consistent. Visual hierarchy indicates the order in the design so that anyone who reads any document can easily navigate and read through everything. 

4. Add Extra Security Features

No matter how you create a unique sample ticket complete with details and the necessary information and trace numbers, counterfeit tickets can still ruin your efforts. That’s why you need to be extra careful because fake tickets are becoming rampant at concerts and other high-priced events. According to statistics, there are about five million people who get scammed in buying fake tickets or attending to counterfeit events yearly. As an organizer, you should find ways on how to circumvent fraudulence by using security holograms, codes, or with the help of tamper-proof wristbands. 

5. Print the Tickets in Batches

It's best to mass-produce your wedding, voucher or, meal tickets to save up on paper resources and allocated budget. After printing the tickets, start selling and promoting your product, event, or charity cause. 

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