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From fundraiser benefits to church raffles, tickets are useful for all kinds of events. And to help you design some yourself, we have easily editable Sample Ticket Templates for download. Our professional samples are fully compatible with many applications, such as Mac Pages and Microsoft Publisher. They also have industry-standard CMYK color and 300 DPI resolution. So, download a template today—create gift vouchers, meal tickets, and more!

How to Make Sample Tickets

Tickets are essential to hosting large commercial events. Not only do they serve their utility during an event, but they also act as printed promotions. Even in our modern age of online advertising, print media advertising helps reach out to as many audiences as possible (as explained by Chron, a business publication).

Are you wondering how to create good-looking ticket stubs? If so, then consider reading our tips found just below.

1. Your Ticket’s Size and Shape

A ticket’s small size contributes nicely to its multiple uses. When considering your design’s printing size, set it to 5.5 x 2 inches in your processing software. There’s also the matter of its layout orientation, which you can set to either landscape or portrait format, depending on what you need. Add a small bleed area around the design space, as to prevent printing errors later on.

2. Apply an Appealing Color Scheme to Your Ticket

Regarding the promotional aspect of your printable tickets, the design benefits greatly from good color choices. When putting together the palette, combine various tones that complement each other. With the help of an attractive color scheme, you can establish effective brand recognition with consumers.

3. Refine the Visual Design of your Ticket

Your ticket’s graphic design and pictures also play a critical role in its overall aesthetic. Along with professional rendering, these elements also require thematic synergy with the advertised content.

For instance, if your ticket design is for a valentines-themed concert, then use photos containing romantic scenes or moments. For graphics and illustrations, prepare depictions of hearts, flowers, etc.

4. Incorporate Some Creative Writing in Your Ticket

Tickets are fairly small prints, even if they vary in shape and size. However, it’s still possible to include some catchy words with all the other content. For this part, write down short yet catchy lines, like “Buy a Waffle, Win a Raffle” or “Your Invitation to a Great Weekend.”

And with that, you’re done with our tips! Don’t forget about our customizable Sample Ticket Templates for quick and easy content creation.


  • What kinds of events can I use tickets for?

      Here are a few examples::

      1. Donation auctions
      2. Music concerts
      3. Fundraiser parties
      4. Business conventions
      5. Art exhibits
  • What print sizes do tickets come in?

      Some ticket sizes are:

      1. 5.5 x 2 inches
      2. 1.97 x 5.63 inches
      3. 5.5 x 2.125 inches
  • How many ticket templates can I download from provides over 500 unique and editable ticket designs.

  • Which applications can I use to edit sample tickets from

      You can use the following applications:

      1. Adobe Illustrator
      2. Adobe Photoshop
      3. Apple Pages
      4. Microsoft Publisher
      5. Microsoft Word
  • Why choose for sample tickets?

      All sample tickets from have easily editable and original content. Plus, they’re easy-to-use and compatible with various applications.