Education helps build not only a person's knowledge but their skills and attitude as well. Help ensure children and school-aged people of the education they deserve through creative education flyers. Here at Pro, we've got a collection of very attractive and easily editable education flyers that you can download instantly whenever and wherever you need to. Choose from various file formats such as Illustrator, InDesign, Publisher, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word  and Photoshop for downloading the template. If you need to advertise a school, college, or university through flyers, subscribe to our premium Education Flyer Templates now.

What Is an Education Flyer?

An education flyer is an advertising tool that an educational facility such as a school, college, or university uses to promote themselves, their facilities, and the teaching or training methods. Just like any other forms of flyers, an education flyer can be distributed by hand or placed in locations or establishments with heavy foot traffic.

How to Create an Education Flyer?

education flyer template

If you're already familiar with how promotion flyers work, this one is more or less the same except that its main focus is about education. For reference purposes, we have laid out a list of instructions that might help you in creating attractive and compelling education flyers. You might want to wing it with the design, but we strongly recommend following our guide.

1. Determine your target audience

The first step to creating a marketing flyer is to determine your target audience. This refers to the specific group of people who are being prioritized or targeted in the marketing strategy. The target audience may vary depending on the facility with examples such as parents for preschool learning centers, teenagers for universities, and young adults for colleges. Identifying your target audience can also help you determine the appropriate design for your education flyers.

2. Write a list of all the relevant details

The meat of your simple flyer is the list of services that the school, college, or university can offer to its students. To make this as relevant and informative as possible, you may need to write an outline of the details. Since this is simply an outline, you can write as much as you want and just narrow it down along the way.

3. Create the education flyer's design

You may want to start working on the content and then the design, or the other way around. Here, let's focus first on creating the flyer's design. By using an editing tool that you're comfortable with, you can design your sample flyer by adding and arranging elements on the layout. When creating the design, make sure to leave enough room for white space.

4. Start adding the content

As we have mentioned earlier, people might want to start with the design or the content depending on their preference. If you stuck with these instructions, we assume that the design is already created and you're about to add the content of your advertising flyer. You have the option of delivering your content either by short phrases or by bullet points, what matters is that the message is easy to read and understand.

5. Proofread the content

Make sure that your content is indeed worth reading by proofreading it, doing so can also help in ensuring that there aren't any errors in the content's grammar or spelling. Aside from simply checking the grammar and spelling, see to it that the message is composed well, is comprehensible, and is compelling enough. The goal of your flyer's content should be to encourage the reader to take action afterward.

6. Print your education flyers

When it's time to print your creative flyers, you need to decide whether to do it yourself or by professionals. Although it's totally up to you, we recommend getting it done by a professional printing company if you're planning to produce a large number of copies for your flyer. This is because printing companies usually offer discounts for bulk orders, and they also take care of any formatting issues if there are any.

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