Education Invoice Templates

With the Rising Cost of Education, Schools, Colleges, and Universities Must Give Quality Education While Requesting Payment from Students. Download’s Free Printable Education Invoice Templates with a Choice of Customizable Blank or Content-Ready Format Samples. Use These for Tutoring Invoice, Education Consultant Invoicing, and Tuition Fee Billing. All Templates Are Downloadable at a Click of a Button.See more

Proper operations are integral when running an educational business. And so, to help with the billing process of your institute, we’re offering our Education Invoice Templates for quick and easy download. Whether you run a private school, tutor service, or university, you can incorporate our materials for all kinds of academic associations. Plus, our invoice samples are compatible with multiple applications—like Mac Pages and Google Sheets—for your convenience. Hurry and download today to design your payment documents in no time!

How to Make an Education Invoice

In the education industry, invoices are essential for things like course tuitions, uniform fees, and so on. Not only do invoices act as useful billing documents, but they also serve their purpose in bookkeeping (as Investopedia mentions in one of their articles).

Be it a college or elementary school, invoices are necessary for any educational business. If you’re wondering how to design an efficient invoice, read through our tips below.

1. Consider Your Invoice’s General Layout

To start putting together your education invoice, give your document design an appropriate format. For its page size, you can go for either A4 or US letter, which depends on your local region’s standard choice. After that, apply a 1-inch margin along the document’s edges.

2. Enter Basic Information about Your Education Invoice

At the top of your education invoice page, write down a simple title that describes the document’s contents. For example, enter a title similar to “Music Tutor Invoice.”

Next, follow up with other typical details for an invoice. Input your company/institute’s name, address, and contact information. Include the same details about the client.

3. Add a Grid Tabel to Your Invoice Design

The main section of your education invoice is the fee information. To create this part, you need a grid table to neatly list down all the necessary details (i.e., quantities, subtotals, hourly rates). In your table, ensure that you reserve the top row for labeling purposes.

4. Enhance Your Education Invoice’s Appearance

In your education invoice’s table, use colors to distinguish key cells for readability. Incorporate colors that are associated with your institute. Finally, insert your institute’s logo into one of the invoice’s upper corners.

And that does it for our tips on making a professional education invoice! Remember to download our Education Invoice Templates to complement your design process.


  • What are the primary forms of education?

      There are three main types of education, which are:

      1. Formal
      2. Informal
      3. Non-formal
  • What are some examples of jobs in education?

      Below are several examples of education-based careers:

      1. Admission recruiter
      2. Education consultant
      3. Family counselour
      4. Juvenile corrections worker
      5. School psychologist
  • How many education templates does provide? provides over 60 education templates.

  • What types of education templates are available at

      Some of’s education templates include:

      1. Educational Consultant Invoice
      2. Preschool Education Invoice
      3. University Education Invoice
  • Which software applications can I use to edit’s education invoice templates?

      You can use any of the following applications:

      1. Adobe Illustrator
      2. Adobe InDesign
      3. Adobe Photoshop
      4. Apple Numbers
      5. Apple Pages
      6. Google Docs
      7. Google Sheets
      8. Microsoft Excel
      9. Microsoft Word