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How to Create an Employee Sheet in PDF

Employee sheets have many uses, including logging employee’s attendance, personal information, and employee warnings, among many others. It’s essential to keep a record of your employee’s productivity. According to the American Payroll Association, as much as 10 minutes per day, per employee, go to waste because of tardiness, excessive lunch breaks, and early departure.

Time is an important element in the workplace. So, it’s essential to have an employee sheet always to record necessary information which you can use for various purposes. We created a list below on how to create an effective employee sheet.

1. Get Information at the Right Time

When you let your employee fill out a sheet, make sure to get the information at the right time. For example, you want to get personal information. The best time to get this is right at the moment when an applicant is hired.

2. Include Contact Information

Contact information is important for future purposes. When incidents happen that you need to contact the employee or his/her relative, you can easily look over at the employee sheet and get this information.

3. Incorporate Information Required By Law

Make yourself aware of the applicable laws in your state or country so you can gather the information that you may need in the future such as the information requires by IRS, immigration, and other government agencies.

4. Add Health Details

Some employees may not be comfortable sharing their health information. Make them understand why you need this, and only ask for health information that is relevant to the job.

5. Be Transparent

Use clear language in your employee sheet. Avoid questions or phrases that may confuse the employee. Make sure that your employees know why you need such information.

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