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What Is a Family Tree?

A sample family tree is an illustration or chart that records a family's lineage. Other than being something for connecting relatives, it can be also used to establish certain rights of an individual such as inheritance and property rights. Additionally, it can also help in tracing you back to family members that you've lost. And in the medical field, a family tree can help in looking into health concerns that can be passed genetically.

How to Create a Family Tree in Microsoft Excel

Making a family chart is one of the most common school projects that teachers assign their students. It's a project that allows the students to delve into their family history. This professional chart is usually presented as an illustration through crayons, watercolor, or other coloring materials. Here, we'll be teaching you how to make one through Microsoft Excel, simply follow the steps below to find out how.

1. Get Information about Your Family

The first thing you need to do is gather important information by doing some family history research, and that's the easiest task. When you have what you need from your family, you can get details about the extended members on both your parents' side. But the hardest part about this is deciding what and who to include in your family tree. You might be too deep into it that you end up covering five generations of your family. So it's best that you limit your information gathering to only those that you really need.

2. Make a Layout for Your Family Tree

When you have gathered all the necessary information about your family, you can begin making your family tree chart in Excel. There are plenty of ways you can set up your layout with most people utilizing either a pyramid or a reverse pyramid style. If you're not sure how you want your layout to look like, then you can always refer to our templates to get an idea.

3. Organize Your Family Tree

Using the layout you've chosen, you can begin organizing the content of your simple family tree. You can put each member of your family into a box (or a circle, you can change the shape according to what you want in Excel) and connect them all with a bold line. You can put the members of a family into a group of their own.

4. Attach Pictures of Your Family Members

The best way to show your family members on a family tree is by attaching pictures of them, and you can easily find them through social media. It gives your reader an idea of what your family members look like. Just make sure that the pictures you attach are appropriate and in high resolution. But if you can't find any, then it should be okay to leave the box blank.

5. Putting in Additional Information

Apart from writing the full name of your family members and attaching their pictures, you can include other useful information before finalizing your printable family tree. You can include their date of birth, hobbies, interests, a list of credentials or achievements, or even a list of their favorites such as favorite food or favorite book.

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