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How to Create a Purchase Order in Microsoft Excel?

A purchase order is a legally binding document issued by a buyer to a supplier requesting specific products and services to be delivered. Purchase order also serves as the official confirmation of an order. According to Emily Dayton, Amazon is currently the most prominent eCommerce company that has 95 million people in the US who have prime memberships and sells more than 12 million products were 1.1 million of them are home improvement products. With the previously mentioned statistical data, we can conclude that not being specific with your order might get you ignored. As a business person, you need to know how to make an effective purchase order.

The following are a few guidelines that you can use in creating your purchase order:

1. Always Include Buyer and Supplier Information

In making your purchase order, it is vital to have the details of both parties listed such as name/business name, phone number, business address, and email address since it is a tool used in business transactions. Indicating the previously mentioned data will make the business deal faster and easier. Moreover, indicating the details of each party is an indication of transparency.

2. List Down the Goods you Want to Purchase

Sales orders and purchase orders are two different business documents that are related but serves different purposes to a business deal. Purchase orders are sent by the buyer, while sales orders are sent by the seller to the buyer to confirm a sale before the fulfillment of the order. In making a purchase order, you have to be specific with the details of the product or service that you want to purchase—the type of service, brand names, quality, quantity, and so forth. Specifying the data as mentioned, will make your purchase order more comprehensible, thereby making it effective.

3. Specify the Billing Address

Whether you're buying retail or wholesale, it is vital to indicate the exact date and billing address in your purchase order, so the supplier will know where and when to deliver the receipt.

4. Indicate the Terms of Payment

In the bottom part of your purchase order, you have to indicate how you are supposed to pay the supplier for the item that you purchase—whether you want it through cash, check, or card/debit. By the time that supplier receives your purchase order, you will be sent with an order confirmation together with an invoice indicating the total amount of money that you ought to pay.

5. Use our Order Templates

Due to people's innovative minds, purchase orders are now sent via email. However, there are still people who practice the traditional way of sending orders to the supplier. Do you belong to those people who practice sending printed documents? If you are, then we have a great option to propose. Try to check out our premium and free templates; you might find something that will be useful to your business. Once you have chosen a template, you can customize it according to your preference by using Microsoft Excel. This software program is user-friendly, thereby making the editing process fast and easy.

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