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How To Create A Timesheet In Microsoft Excel

In this modern and fast-paced era, we are indeed racing along with time. Most especially, if we don't have the right tool that would keep track of our working hours in a span of a day. A timesheet is a method that is used for recording the amount of a worker's time spent on a job, whether daily, weekly, or monthly sheet. Timesheets are also used to track the payroll, work progress, and productivity of the company. Moreover, a timesheet is usually transcribed in a paper with the data arranged in a tabular format. Nowadays, with the advent of new technology, timesheets are transferred in digital documents or spreadsheets.

With this, take time to browse on our available timesheet templates above that you can fully utilize in your business recording and tracking use. You can also refer to our guide below on how you can organize your timesheet with ease.

1. Make Use Of Microsoft Excel Software

Microsoft Excel is a programmed layout software that caters to project such as calculations, charts, sheets and data recording that is vital in your timesheet creation. Utilizing this application enables you to create grids of text, numbers, and formulas specifying calculations that are extremely valuable for many businesses. Also, this layout application is accessible to all of your Windows devices.

2. Set-up The Important Tables For Data

After selecting the layout application, now is the time wherein you have to inject the blank tables that are vital into your sheet. A typical timesheet would comprise of six columns for the date, starting time, end time, break time, overtime, and total hours. You can also consider having a separate production sheet that would evaluate your worker's productivity rate.

3. Review The Sheet Details

For you to avoid the miscalculation and error on your desired sheet, make sure that you have to make a review on the structured sheet tables. Ensure that it is directly synced with the current calendar for you to keep track of the accurate working hours, days and week of the employees.

4. Incorporate Brand Identity

Your timesheet doesn't need to be plain and simple in terms of its look. You can also integrate upon creating it. Feel free to integrate a brand identity in your sheet with the use of a color scheme and appropriate typography. You can also add an official mark, logo, or seal to make your sheet more legitimate.

5. Opt To Utilize Our Available Templates

For you to fully maximize the timesheet for your specific use, you can opt to have our available timesheet templates that are guaranteed editable and printable just for you. Feel free to browse and select on our sheet templates such as Employee Timesheet Template, Hourly Timesheet Template, Lawyer Timesheet Template, Sample Contractor Template, and many more.

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