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How to Make Business Flyers in Adobe InDesign

Flyer marketing is undoubtedly one of the most well-rounded, effective, and affordable marketing tools used in the world of business. This marketing method was even practiced and traced back from the old times, which makes it one of the most traditional yet favorable methods of marketing. But if you think that it's less effective now and should not be considered, then think again. Flyers have time and time again proven that it can also be quite effective as what digital marketing can do. In fact, if they are done correctly, they can absolutely do wonders for your business.

Help your small business grow by developing your own business flyer now. All you just need to do is to equip yourself with a compatible software editing tool like Adobe InDesign in your computer together with the help of some helpful tips that we have provided below. Read and apply them thoroughly.

1. Create A Catchy Headline

Flyers are mostly presented with a big headline that states what the flyer is all about. That is the first line of text that your recipients will read and notice with your business flyers. If you want your clients to be hooked right away with your flyer, then perhaps you should formulate creative ideas on how should you construct it.

2. Keep Your Content Brief

One disadvantage of using flyers is that you are only left with a little amount of area to work with. So to balance both your flyer design and content, you have to keep your content as simple and comprehensive as it can be. Don't try to squeeze unnecessary information to your flyers, but rather put only what is essential.

3. Limit Your Font Choices

When it comes to flyer making, see to it that you limit your font choices to two or three typefaces only. Going beyond those numbers would surely make your business flyer visually cluttered. In picking a font type, choose those who are easy to understand, even from a distance. Do this and you would surely achieve a professional and modern looking business flyer.

4. Use High-Resolution Photos & Graphics

Flyers incorporated with blurry and jagged photos can be a major turnoff for your business. Worse, readers will not just judge the flyer, but as well as the company. If you don't want to downgrade your branding image, then it's important that you use crisp and clear photos in your next flyer making.

5. Print & Distribute

After successfully applying the steps mentioned above, you may now start printing out your business flyer. You can actually do this at home with your personal printer, but for better results, we suggest that you go to your local printing shop for this. After printing, you may now start distributing them out on high-traffic areas which is the most ideal place to be when it comes to flyer distribution.

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