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How to Create a Business Brochure in InDesign

Many businesses?—big or small are using brochures to market and promote their products and services. This doesn't come as a wonder because brochures are tagged as one of the most powerful promotional tools despite the advent of social media marketing. If you are searching for tips on how to create a creative brochure, we got your back because we have provided practical tips on how to creatively craft an organized and compelling business brochure.

1. Determine a Goal for your Brochure

Setting a goal for your business brochure adds meaning to the promotion of your business or company. With a goal in mind, you have a clear purpose on what and how to do it. Planning what to achieve should always be your priority. Speaking of planning, you might also find our basic business plan template exciting and useful.

2. Allocate Enough Budget for your Brochure

Budget is one of the primary elements that you need to consider in advertising business' products and services. For sure, the production of business brochures has a big part in your budget plan. Following a budget or spending plan will help you balance your financial resources.

3. Know the Different Types of Brochure and Pick One

There are many types of the brochure you can use. This includes but are not limited to bi-fold, tri-fold, roll fold, accordion fold, and gatefold type. You have to choose one of those for you to be specific. Select the type that you think is sufficient for your client’s needs. Just a tip; square bi-fold brochure is the most commonly used type because of its simplicity. Opting to use the tri-fold brochure is best when you have a lot to feature in your brochure.

4. Prepare the Brochure Content

This is the most crucial part of making a winning business brochure. In order to create a great brochure content, you need to focus on a topic, create an attention-grabbing title, be specific, mix writing styles, consider including testimonies, include pictures, and end with a call to action. Additionally, brochures consist of the business' profile and background, list of products and services, and contact details. To ensure quality content, it would be best to prepare an outline of everything. In this manner, you'll save yourself some time, and you'll also minimize your risk of committing errors.

5. Download a Suitable Business Brochure and Edit in InDesign

After you have done the necessary preparations, you may opt to download templates. Creating a brochure in InDesign will engage you in a more creative environment. Since Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software application that's great for design work, it became known as one of the most used and popular tools in creating posters, flyers, and banners. It allows users to use quick design elements, time-saving effects, and support for typography.

6. Proofread

Before getting it on print, proofread the content. The credibility of your business relies on the quality of your brochure's content. That is why correcting your content is very important. You need to check for errors not only in spelling or grammar but also in the information itself. After proofreading the content, the only thing left to do is to print your simple brochures.

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