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Its The Month Of December And Christmas Is Fast Approaching. Want To Have Your Own Christmas Eve Party? Print Out Your Christmas Party Flyers Using Template.Net’s Free, Editable And Printable Event Flyer Templates That You Can Easily Download. Check Out Our Creative Designs And Download Your Chosen Flyer Template Now!See more

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  • Every year, once Thanksgiving makes its way out, you might be planning a huge public event for the holiday season. As such, it’s important to get the word out about it to catch as much interest as possible and a reliable method in doing so is by utilizing promotional flyers. So, we’ve compiled our library of Ready-made Christmas Flyer Templates for you to choose from and make use of! Whether it’s a concert at a hotel or a fundraiser party at a church, our beautifully-designed templates can do the job! The files are 100% customizable in Apple Pages, coming in either A4 or US letter sizes. Download now and get your open invitation out there!

    How to Make a Christmas Flyer in Pages

    Are you looking for high-quality software to reliably prep your poster samples? Then give Apple Pages a shot! Combined with our easy-editable templates and our simple guide below, you can save yourself time and effort in advertising your holiday sale or New Year meet.

    1. A Simple yet Efficient App That Anyone Can Afford

    Now, we all know how pricy it can be to shell out the cash for purchasing or subscribing to premium software just so you can make some changes to your holiday template, and we understand how costly and frustrating that can be at times. So, that’s why we highly recommend for anyone on any budget to have a go at installing Apple Pages to their Mac and seeing how impressive it can be! Just head over to Apple’s online app store to find it.

    How much does it cost to get your hands on Pages? Why, for free! Now you too can start putting together your own elegant Christmas posters for no charge at all. But if it’s free, then does that mean Pages is just some throwaway software with tools and features that are too limited for your professional needs? Nope, not at all! Apple has created Pages to be a simple yet powerful app that’s just as capable as any other art and design program out there, so you can bet on it fulfilling your commercial work.

    What’s more, you can even install and use Pages on your favorite iOS devices, such as your iPad or iPhone. With that, you’re able to work on the go whenever and wherever you need to, be it while you’re eating out for your lunch break or while you’re at home and away from your work station!

    2. Install Apple Pages and See What It Can Do

    So, did you grab yourself a download of Pages yet?


    After you get it installed onto your Mac (or mobile iOS device), fire it up and have a look at what it has to offer. If you lack experience in handling software for processing text or graphics, don’t worry -- once you lay your eyes on Pages’ user interface, you’ll instantly see just how easy and direct it is to use the app. After only a bit of fiddling around, you’ll quickly get the hang of it! Plus, if you’re on your iPad or iPhone, you can take advantage of Pages’ built-in compatibility with Apple Pencil, giving you a more intuitive option to interact with the software.

    3. Start Searching for a Design

    Once you’re done getting well-acquainted with Apple Pages, it’s now time to decide on a template for your flyer. Take your time and go through our catalog’s page. Be it a sale, party, or concert; we’ve got a template for you!

    4. Get Creative with Apple Pages

    When you’ve picked a design, simply use the download button to get the file and start editing in Pages. Remember that, with Pages, not only can you add and edit written content but you can even alter the graphic design on the template.

    5. Save Your Work and It’s Done!

    Remember to save, and your new flyer is ready for printing and distribution. Share the holiday cheer with the help of Apple Pages and our Ready-made Christmas Flyer Templates!