How To Make A Christmas Gift Voucher In Apple Pages

Ahh, Christmas! One of the most celebrated holidays in the United States. It's that time of the year when family and friends get together, enjoy hearty and delicious food, and exchange gifts. For businesses, it's the perfect opportunity to boost their sales. Because according to Investopedia, American adults will most likely spend 920 dollars on gifts per person. Meaning, people spend copious amounts of money during this time of the year.

Vouchers are a way for businesses to sell their products. It's a valuable marketing tool as it inspires customers to take action. Who doesn't want to spend on discounted products or services? If you're using Mac, follow the guide below on how you can create a stunning Christmas gift voucher for your business in Apple Pages.

1. Prepare your Layout

For your layout, you can either use a ready-made template which are available online or create one from scratch. Our website offers Editable Voucher Templates, which you can download for free or purchased. It saves you time, and it's less hassle. But if you choose the latter, make sure you don't just put on a sign that says, "Merry Christmas." Add design elements like Santa and a flying reindeer.

To use and edit a ready-made template on Pages, you need to download the templates first by clicking the Download button and placing the file on a Finder wind. Then, go to Apple Pages, click File/New, then locate and double click the template you want to use.

2. Decide the Voucher's Value

Think of an excellent offer for your Christmas voucher. It has to be irresistible enough that it would make your customers drive into your store and buy more than they should. This will surely boost your sales. However, you do need to analyze this carefully, or else your company's revenue will be affected.

3. Highlight the Voucher's Expiration Date

Your vouchers are only relevant for a certain period. Now, some customers will just go to your store without checking the voucher. Imagine how troublesome it would be for customers if they go to your store only to find out that the voucher is already expired. So to avoid this mishap, highlight the expiration date by using a different font color and size. Also, place this on a visible location that can be easily spotted.

4. Add your Business Logo

Remember that one of the main reasons why you're handing out gift vouchers is to promote your business. Thus, it's essential to add in your business logo for branding. Make sure you place this in a strategic location so your customers can easily spot it.

5. Proofread and Distribute

Always proofread your work before finally saving it to correct mistakes. Decide if you'll be handing them out digitally via email or social media sites or through printed copies. Also, think of how many gift vouchers you'll be handing out. As just mentioned earlier, carefully analyze this first, as this may impact your company revenue.

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