The holidays are some of the busiest times of the year. With the overwhelming number of things that you have to do, creating a Christmas card from scratch can be an extra hassle. For you to achieve high-quality Christmas Cards for your loved ones, we offer you our ready-made Christmas Cards Templates in Apple Pages. Our team created these templates to provide you with the utmost convenience through its easily editable layouts and contents. We made the designs perfect for every occasion and event that you want to hold during the holiday seasons. These templates are 100% downloadable and printable. Why stress when you can have everything set up for your Christmas Template? Don’t hesitate and download it now!

How to Make Christmas Cards in Pages

It's that time of the year once again when people exchange gifts and provide each other with greeting cards. Modern traditions in particular have seen the latter used and distributed in a myriad of forms. A Christmas card is among those forms and is used as a particularly effective tool to show affections to our loved ones during this holiday season. One can expect Christmas cards to contain beautiful and creative calligraphy -- some of which can even be handwritten. Those kind of cards can take time to make, however, and not everyone has the know-how or even the inclination to start from scratch. Fortunately, there are templates to choose from and tips that can make the experience easier and faster. Take a look at the steps detailed below and be guided through the process of making your own Christmas card.

1. Pick a Template

In choosing a template that you want to work on, consider the event that you are going to partake in. We have a wide variety of templates that you can choose from, like, Greeting Cards, Elegant Christmas Thank You Card, Merry Christmas Thank You Card, Simple Christmas Thank You Card and many more. Choose what is best for the one that is special for you.

2. Choose Apple Pages

With Apple Pages, you can create beautiful outputs that are beyond your expectations. You don't have to limit your creative mind because your experiences with Apple Pages encourage creativity in any way possible. Its features are powerful and convenient to place the right tool for any of the users' needs. Creating your very own Holiday Christmas Card with this is as easy as one two three. Now, open your Pages and edit your template of choice.

3. Create a Design

If you want your Holiday Cards to look unique, you can personalize the designs with your own details or choose Christmas card stock photos that are found online. Whatever you decide, take time to make it special by adding quotes or personalized messages to it.

4. Download and Print

After you are done designing and placing text on your cards, you can then start putting the final touches to it. You can also make the template that you are working on into a pop-up Christmas Card or make it simple and add glitters and bows to it. Regardless of what you decide, be sure to save your downloaded template so you can print it.

5. Hand It Over

The last step involves handing over your card to your special someone or to your loved ones, like family and friends. Giving it to them personally and seeing their reactions upon receiving is priceless enough to justify all the effort you put into the creation of your holiday cards. From there, you can use your newly gained knowledge to start over and create new ones if you want.

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