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How To Make A Cleaning Flyer In Pages

There are many cleaning service businesses out there. If you are in the cleaning service business and you want to promote your services, you will need a cleaning flyer for that business to stand out from the rest. Using a flyer as a medium of advertisement is proven to be effective. Hence, we bring you this article that will teach you how to create a promotional flyer for your cleaning services in the easiest and quickest way. If you're interested, just keep on reading.

1. Seek for a Template

Templates are beneficial for small businesses who do not have a designated graphic designer for promotional tools. Our website has a variety of ready-made templates like brochure templates, poster templates, and flyer templates. All you have to do is scroll up to scan for free cleaning flyer templates or type in what you're looking for in the search bar and wait for the best results. Downloading our templates are easy and quick.

2. Open Apple Pages

If you are a MacInstosh computer user, surely you are familiar with Apple Pages. As it is widely known, Apple Pages is a word processing and page layout program; however, it can be utilized as a graphic design program. Although it is not complex compared to programs made especially for graphic designing, it has tools that can aid you in building a flyer and are easy to manipulate for newbies.

3. Customize the Necessary Details

Compared to other advertising instruments, a flyer has little working space. Therefore, you'll need to write details that are only necessary. These necessary details are the headline and the content. Always come up with a compelling headline that will attract your target market. A headline is usually a phrase or single line that can turn a prospective customer into a sale. Once you're done coming up with a headline, the content needs to explain the benefits the customer can get from availing your commercial cleaning services. You need to specify your offers to avoid confusion with your services like house cleaning only, office cleaning only, window cleaning only, maid services only, or housekeeping services only.

4. Beautify the Flyer

This is the part where you need to beautify your cleaning flyer. Since you downloaded a template, you can stick with its original design or play with it more. If you want, you can put attractive photos or graphics that are related to the theme of your cleaning flyer, or it sums up what your cleaning service does. Try to be creative but don't get too carried away. Excessive designs can sometimes be an eyesore, so it's better to keep it clean and simple.

5. Test Print Flyer

If you're satisfied with your final output, then you can test print out a sample flyer. Test printing your flyer needs to be done before you mass-produce it. This is to ensure that you'll be able to distribute the finest cleaning flyer. Flyers are printed on high-quality glossy paper stock with a standard size of 8.5x11 inches.

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