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How to Make a Cleaning Proposal in Apple Pages

Most cleaning services companies do not know the advantages of presenting a cleaning proposal to clients. With this, they tend to miss the opportunity to gain more clients. A cleaning proposal would serve as an instrument to present your janitorial company and how it is different from other companies. So, if you wanted to expand your client base, here are some helpful tips in making your cleaning proposal.

1. Translate your Intentions

As you wanted to bid for the client’s cleaning contract, you need to be transparent with your intentions and narrate it into your proposal. You need to indicate what you do, how you do it, and why you exist. Using this approach for your proposal would give you the impression of being professional but sincere at the same time.

2. Narrate What Sets You Apart

This is probably the most important tip that you need to ace for your cleaning proposal. You need to narrate your advantages among others throughout the proposal. Also, you would not need to label yourself as the best. As long as you make yourself stand out while being genuine, you would be ensured that clients would find your proposal letter compelling.

3. Include Clients Feedback

It would be a great backup for your if you would include the feedback of your clients about your house cleaning company. But remember, the cleaning industry is way more competitive, so irrelevant and flowery statements would lead you to nowhere. The best resort that you can go to is to nitpick testimonials from variety of your clients and include it in your proposal.

4. Show your Commitment

Include statements that would translate the commitment that your exterior cleaning company would provide once the client will sign a deal with you. You need to be definite with your statements and assure them that you will do everything to fulfill the commitment.

5. Define Future Activities

This tip would indicate that you are in the right path to start working with your client. Outline here the future activities that you and your client would be dealing together, such as the payment and how it is done. You need to input as to when the payment will be collected for your client to be prepared. This tip can also be a turning point for your proposal as it would give you the higher possibility of closing the deal.

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