Tidying up your home or commercial space is more than just dusting off furniture and taking away the trash. According to Psychology Today, cleanliness has a direct impact on someone’s health. Study shows that those who reside in organized spaces are physically healthier than those who have messy houses. Another research shows that those who described their homes as cluttered have stress and fatigue levels than those who have cozy areas. Grab a broom and get started on having a comfortable apartment or office space with a cleaning checklist. This tool helps you determine what tasks to prioritize by providing you with a list of things to do. You can monitor what tasks to work on a daily cleaning schedule and which are those that you can address on a weekly or monthly basis.

Avail of our cleaning checklist template in Apple Pages today! It provides you with an editable ready-made cleaning list layout that you can customize according to your needs. You can have different lists for household areas such as the living room, washroom, and kitchen. This can also come in handy when you’re running commercial cleaning services. You can use our templates as part of your business services proposal to your clients. You can opt to let them choose what they want to avail from you by offering a custom service checklist.

These checklist templates are available for edit and access on any software across all devices. For an added convenience, opt to utilize our built-in editing. It allows you to modify the texts by including item lists and personalize the layout design as you please. You can immediately get the results by downloading the finished product or forwarding it to your email.

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