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What Is the Purpose of a Fitness Flyer?

A fitness flyer is meant to help promote one's fitness facility in the hopes of attracting clients. Many different gyms make use of it as a way to show off what kind of body one can achieve should a person decide to take what they have to offer. It is a very direct method of advertisement and it often works.

How to Make a Fitness Flyer In Word

1. Consider Using a Template

Since you will be using Microsoft Word to make your fitness flyer, then you should definitely consider this. Using a flyer template is guaranteed to make things much easier considering that they already have premade designs and layouts. It's because of this that you simply need to make a few changes and then get the flyer you want.

2. Choose the Most Inviting Images

Should you decide to make it from scratch, then you'll first have to consider what kind of picture or pictures will work best for your flyer. Think, what kind of image do people want to see? One of the best options is to use pictures of your trainers or your current clients who have achieved the level of fitness that you want to show off. However, you can also make use of pictures of your facilities and what equipment they have to offer as a way to attract clients. Know that you'll want to make use of only images of high resolution and not ones that are either blurry or pixelated.

3. Come Up with a Message

The majority of modern flyers come with a short message that may catch people's attention. What you can do is come up with a catchy saying or slogan that's memorable enough to leave a lasting impression. Remember that you will want to keep it brief and simple as that's what's most likely to stick with potential clients.

4. Show What You Have to Offer

Now you'll want to share what benefits people can get should they decide to sign up to your fitness center. So what exactly are you offering them? Does your gym come with dance classes? Are there personal trainers? What kind of impressive equipment do you have? Are there any discounts? These are the kind of questions that potential clients will be asking that your flyer will need to answer.

5. Point Out How You Can Be Contacted

Lastly, make sure that you will have to place information that will tell readers how your fitness center or gym may be contacted. Be sure to include its email address, phone number, and complete address. When writing down the contact details, you need to check and see if these are updated and are currently being used. If it has one, then you should definitely place your fitness center's website into the flyer so that those with more questions and concerns may visit it for more information.

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