What Is a Food Voucher?

A food voucher is a promotional business document, catering to food-business owners who want to test out a new product on their menu. A food voucher acts like a graphic ticket, coupon, or a token that gives you access to a food promotion with a buyer-friendly discounted price.

However, some vouchers don't cater to fast food, restaurant, or cafe food promotion. Some vouchers promote certain products, facilities, or vehicles like a hospital voucher, gift voucher, truck usage voucher, or a school voucher. When customers are broke because of spending too much on food trips and require redemption, food vouchers exist to help save these hungry mouths. Create one now and be a broke person's saving grace!

How to Make Food Vouchers in PSD

1. What Type of Food Voucher

Before creating this marketing document, you must ponder as to what kind of food voucher will you make. Will it be a restaurant food voucher with 20% on the lunch corner? Is it a cafe food voucher that gives you 10% on a smoothie if you buy one slice of cake? Or is it a fast food voucher with 5% if you buy two burger meals? Do not rush on deciding what kind of food voucher you want to make. Your creation has to be based on what brand of the food business you will be promoting.

2. Choose a Color Combination

The color presentation of the food voucher must be given attention because colors influence a consumer's conscious and subconscious level. Yellow and red are the usual and main colors used in the food business, grabbing the attention of the eyes and stimulating the tastebuds and the appetite. Green conjures an ecofriendly and healthy image, but sometimes, this color can be unappetizing. Blue and purple are cool colors and can be unappetizing if not used properly. White conjures a pure image, but the color can also mean plain and uninteresting. These are only a few of the food color psychology but the list goes on. Just do research.

3. Images that Hit the Right Spot

The next element that must be added to the promotional document, which is powerful and blends well to color, is an image. A color and an image of food are a powerful combination when used correctly. This combination is powerful because it leverages the emotional connection to taste. Let us imagine the image and color of the wine. The color red, the chief color that stimulates the taste buds, while paired with wine, a classy drink that is sweet, gives you a sensational combination of a sweet and rich taste. Any night out on a resort will not be complete without a glass of red wine!

4. Discount Details

Your discount card will be useless and purposeless without the details inside it. Remember to place in the necessary details of the discount. Place the discount name, the code, the validity and expiration date, and the "single-use" description. Your color scheme and image combination will be rendered futile if you do not key in the reason why you are creating the discount voucher in the first place.

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