Open House Flyers Illustrator Templates

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Get ready as we invite more prospective clients for your upcoming open house, with Flyers made in Adobe Illustrator. Your idle waiting ends right now because surely, your property will be bustled with people and will be assumed or bought in no time. assures you that you will have a reason to celebrate after your open house event. Here’s our open house invitation to our 100% downloadable, customizable and printable open house flyer templates that include high-quality images and original artworks and fonts. Available in US Letter Sizes with Bleed and all versions of Adobe Illustrator. Grab yours now!

What Is an Open House Flyer?

An Open House Flyer is a printed form of advertisement used to spread awareness about an open house of real estate, business, home, and school properties. The distribution of these flyers are meant to attract prospective clients. For educational institutions like preschools, daycares, and colleges, who organize an open house, it serves as an invitation to students and their parents to choose their school as the avenue of learning. Generally, the purpose of flyers is to promote products, events, etc.   

How To Make An  Open House Flyer in Illustrator

An open house is a once in a blue moon activity of a company, school, or homeowner, so every organizer should make it count. Today, here at, achieve that goal as we help you promote your open house event through flyers. We will be using Adobe Illustrator to create and edit your photos so its quality won't be compromised. All your drawing and layout needs are installed as its tools so you can manage every detail with your hands. Have your computers install Adobe Illustrator, then proceed to the steps below.

1. Choose a Flyer Template 

Don’t leave and panic just yet. We got you covered! We have produced Custom Flyer Templates specially made for your open house event. Select one from the variety of our ready-made Open House Flyer Templates above. Press the download button and choose Illustrator as the file format. Open the file in your Adobe Illustrator application. Done? Let’s start editing.

2. Put Photos of the Property

Take beautiful shots of the property, then start replacing the house photos of the flyer template with yours. These photos will give an idea to your prospective clients how the property looks like on the inside out. The images you present in your open house flyer can prompt people to go to your open house event. Get pictures of areas of the property you want to feature in your Promotional Flyer.

3. Put Descriptions

It doesn’t have to be in a long paragraph form. Take out the points you want to convey in those sentences, then put these pointers in a bullet form list. Doing this will make your descriptions easy to find and easy to read. Put the things you want them to know. Start with the details of the open house itself. The date, the time, the address, the contact information, and the amount of the property should be there. Add the features of the property, such as the area size and the number of rooms. Let them also know if the property has a garage, a laundry area, a lawn, a terrace, or a balcony. You can add and edit the suggestive headings and texts of the open house flyer template.

4. Personalize the Format and Design

You may change the color, the theme, and the font size and styles based on your preference. You can turn it into a Creative Flyer or to a modern one through the available tools in Adobe Illustrator. You may also stick to the built-in format and design of the open house flyer template. Make the design engaging as what you did with your Property photos.

5. Proofread

When you feel your Property Flyer is now presentable, do this before really presenting it. Proofread your work before distributing it. Be sure that everything necessary is there, and that everything is correct. Also, if all are reliable facts that your prospective clients can expect in the real setting. You may have typed the wrong number of rooms or added a feature that is not supposed to be there, so make sure to read it thoroughly. Proofreading will make you more confident during the open house event.

6. Print and Distribute

After completing all the steps, you can now start printing copies of your open house flyers. Keep the file with you forever. Go ahead and distribute it to the public. If you enjoyed working with Adobe Illustrator, check out these Illustrator Templates at and make more Graphic Templates to suit your needs.