Marketing a real estate agency is no easy feat. However, it is entirely possible with the help of our professionally made and beautifully designed real estate flyer templates! All of them can be access with every version of Microsoft Word and are readily available for you to download. Know that they're all editable flyers that you may customize in whatever way that you wish. If you're not fond of using Microsoft Word, then know that these templates can also be opened and edited with other software such as Adobe Indesign and even Apple Pages. Should you wish for even more high-quality templates, then consider signing up to any of our subscription plans today!

What Is the Purpose of a Real Estate Flyer?

Although the majority use it as a way to promote real estate agencies and their services, that's not always the case. It can simply be used to advertise houses, condominiums, or even apartments that are up for sale. Those that know how to come up with an attractive flyer are ones that can easily gain the attention of potential customers and clients.

How to Make a Real Estate Flyer in Word

1. Use a Template

The easiest way to make any kind of flyer is by making use of a template. Whether you want one that's simple or really creative, you're sure to find one throughout the many different samples that are online or even here within our very own site. Just be sure that the flyer template you've chosen is perfect for whatever it is that you're promoting.

2. Insert Pictures

If you decide to start from scratch, then start by opening Microsoft Word and create a new document. From there you can simply insert whatever pictures you think are best suited for your real estate flyer. Take note that you'll only want to go with those that are of high quality as you want your flyer to look as attractive as possible. If you want to adjust how the images in your flyers should be framed or styled, then you simply need to open the Format tab and do it there.

3. Present Information About What You're Trying to Promote

Start by using the Text tool and then click on the area within the blank document that you want to see information on. Once you've done that, you'll need to figure out what you'll need to write down. This will depend entirely on what you're promoting. For example, if you were to advertise homes that are for sale, then you'll need to include details such as its area size, what amenities it comes with, the home's design, and more.

4. Provide Details About Your Real Estate Agency

What you'll want to do here is insert the agency's logo along with its complete name. The information should be placed somewhere that it won't take away the attention from whatever is being promoted. It is best that you also include other details such as the address of its main establishment and its contact details. Make sure that whatever email addresses or phone numbers you include are ones that are updated and are still being used.

5. Edit What You Need to

Before printing out your simple flyers, you'll want to fix any errors that you may have missed. Go through its contents to see if there are any grammatical or even spelling mistakes. Also, it is best that you check to see if there's anything that you may have forgotten to include, or that whatever information you did place is 100% accurate. Once that done, then you may proceed to print and distribute these flyers to whomever you wish to.

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