Since the business of real estate is lucrative, each transaction should be ensured with validating tools to establish its credibility and legitimacy. Such validating tools are certificates. If you’re looking for certificate templates for your real estate use, save much time through our original library of Ready-Made Real Estate Certificate Templates in Word! Go through all of these premades as all available sample content are well-researched by our creative experts for your jumpstart. These are easily editable to ensure your specifications are to be incorporate conveniently. Simply drag and drop, remove, insert your particular preferences! These are instantly printable for your extra time-saving benefit. Own your copy now!

How to Create a Real Estate Certificate in M.S. Word

There can be a lot of areas that a sample real estate certificate document can cover to your real estate business. For instance, a recognition certificate, or certificate of appreciation, is applicable to validate employee recognition wherein such gesture is highly essential in boosting work productivity. According to the Houston Chronicle, employee recognition or award makes the employee feel valued that could lead to better work efficacy.

While spoken agreements or consents can be much faster to convey or attain, concrete or at least tangible proofs such as certificates will always be necessary. Below, we listed the fundamentals in helping you create a real estate certificate in M.S. Word.

1. Highlight the Certification Title

On your layout, make sure you highlight the certification title of your real estate certificate. Commonly, these are applied with special typography. Choose a professional yet stylish one. Some example of your choices can be Futura, Optima, or Avant-Garde. After your certification title, this should be followed by presenting or introducing phrases to bridge the title to the name of the employee or recipient. Some presenting or introducing phrases are “is awarded to”, or “is presented to”.

2. Name Correctly

Essentially, indicate the recipient of your real estate certificate in the layout. Make sure to write it down correctly. Minor mistake, which commonly can be the spelling, can be quite a frustrating moment for the recipient. It may also signify unprofessionalism to your real estate management.

3. Detail Brief Description

After you name the recipient in your real estate certificate, let it be followed by a concise description of why he or she is receiving this certificate. Also, you should also indicate the time and date of the presentation. This section can be constructed of at least 1 to 2 sentences only.

4. Have It Signed!

Another important element your real estate certificate should have are the signatures of the authorities or managers that can validate its truthfulness. Name them accordingly, commonly at the bottom of your layout. Also, make sure these names are correctly spelled. Indicate as well their complete job roles in your company.

5. Incorporate Your Branding

Your real estate certificate does not have to be dull and boring. In line with that, incorporate your certain company branding. Apply the branding color scheme, include some graphical elements, or more others! Primarily, you may begin by stipulating your unique company logo at the top. You should completely name the name of your real estate company here also. Remember, do not clutter. You do not have to take up all of its blank spaces.

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