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What Is a Real Estate Brochure

A real estate brochure is a type of company brochure that contains information about a real estate company's properties for sale or rent. It includes a high-end house, an apartment, a condominium, a business building, and even a large piece of land. The ultimate purpose of why a real estate company distributes brochures is to advertise a property that they're selling.

How to Create a Real Estate Brochure in Microsoft Word

As mentioned moments ago, real estate companies distribute brochures to advertise their properties, and that means they're using it as marketing material. And when it comes to marketing materials, creating them requires a bit of artistry and being informative. So if your real estate company is planning to distribute a brochure for the finished product of your construction project, then invest some of your time by familiarizing the tips we've gathered on how to create a real estate brochure.

1. Use Microsoft Word as Your Editing Software

Microsoft Word is solely known by many as a reliable word processor. However, it can also function as an editing software for a paper document such as a brochure. Whether you want a simple brochure design, modern design, or elegant design for your brochure, Microsoft Word is capable of helping you with your creative needs. Plus Microsoft Word is already available on almost every PC and laptop, especially those that are Windows-powered.

2. Decide Whether One Page, Bi-Fold, or Tri-Fold

What you should consider when deciding between a one-page brochure, a bi-fold brochure, and a tri-fold brochure is how much information will your brochure contain. If it only features a single property, then you should opt for a one-page brochure, which is less costly to print. And if it features multiple properties, then a bi-fold brochure and tri-fold brochure is advisable.

3. Be Informative About The Properties

As said earlier, being informative is required when creating a printed brochure. With that fact, you must explain and discuss thoroughly the properties that your real estate company is promoting. What you should talk about are its amenities, number of rooms, design style, size per square meter, price, and anything descriptive about it. If there is a scheduled open house for a property that has finished construction, then it's best to include the time and date on when it'll happen. Make sure to write all the information about the properties in a promotional and inviting tone.

4. Attach Picturesque Images of The Properties

To give the market an idea or insight on what your properties will look like, you must attach images of them. For example, when making a house real estate brochure, you may include either be images of their interiors and exteriors, or even both. If the property is still under construction, then the alternative is to utilize the images of their animated models created by your architects and engineers. But if the property has finished its construction phase, it's best to attach real images of it taken by a professional photographer.

5. Improve Its Design

Another attribute that a professional real estate brochure must have is being eye-catching. To achieve that, the best you can do is to improve its design. You can change your brochure's color scheme, attach vector images, and set elegant font styles for some texts. However, improving the design of your brochure won't be a hassle if you're using a real estate brochure template. Such templates are available and abundant here in So why not check them out.

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